In this series we are going to take time and study one perverse doctrine in the Catholic Church that has pervaded the life of practically every country in the world without these countries noticing.This is the doctrine of Patron Saints .

Most nations have  Catholic saints protecting them without their knowledge , wave their flags and live in their cities.It may be a non issue to you but to the powers that be , it is stamp of ownership over the world .


This doctrine claims that the dead saints are interceding for  Christians and hence need to be honoured by Christians here on earth .THIS IS BLASPHEMY AND UNSCRIPTURAL .

First of all , there is no such thing as patron saints in the Bible therefore it is not supported by the Christian faith.

Secondly the Bible does talk about saints and a heavenly family that is one with the earthly family but it does not claim that the heavenly family is interceding for us.

In fact the Bible in the book of Revelation 6 shows that the saints in heaven are praying for a hasty vengeance for the blood of believers that have been killed because of their faith.Talk of intercession.

So though we acknowledge that there are saints in heaven , it is wrong for believers to venerate them.But this is what the Catholic Church has done to their own peril.


A patron Saint is an intercessor who lives in heaven .He/She  prays for nations, families, clans , cities or person.The word Patron comes from the word Pater which means Father in Latin.Yet in Greek Peter means Rock.It seems Latin which is the official language of the Catholic Church modified the Greek word to also mean Father. Hence a Patron Saint is a protector saint of a people or person or place.

This doctrine became rampant when the story of martyrs encouraged Christians to honor them with feast days and memorials .

However such remembrance was not needful nor scriptural since the only death Christians were and are to remember is the death of Jesus Christ and that is at  the Lord’s Table.

Yet lack of faith led Christians to idolize Dead Christians and within a short period of time there were many saints day.I hope you know that Halloweens is a Catholic Holiday since the word Hallow means holy and eens is from the word evening .

Halloween is just like Maundy Thursday of Good Friday  — it is the eve of the All Saints Day on Nov 1st .Thus all the Patron saints  ghosts are stirred on that Oct 31 st before they are appeased on Nov 1st with a feast in church.  think this meant that on 31st one could divine or connect with any dead saint other than wait for their feast day.WITCHCRAFT, IDOLATRY.


Then the Catholic Church became a Dominion under the Roman Empire of Constantine which led to the Holy Roman Empire.Now the Church started extending Patronage to different areas it gained through church planting .

The church planters of the Catholic Church were the Jesuits and   Explorers.For example Amerigo and Christopher Columbus were servants of the Catholic Church by serving the Spanish and Portuguese Monarchs who were just “holy emperors” having their families anointed to rule Europe by the Pope.

So whenever these explorers found a town they would give it a Patron Saint’s name or a Catholic name.

For example most of California and parts of Central USA was thoroughly Latinized .Have you counted the Roman Catholic names in that vicinity:

San Francisco …. St Francis

Santa Barbara… St Barbara

San Antonio …. St Antony

San Diego ….   St James /Jacob

Meanwhile the West Coast was mostly Anglicized and so you find names that are English yet are just Catholic Saints like Georgia of George or Virginia depicting  Queen Elizabeth(though she is not considered a saint ).The British knew they were naming the places after their monarchs but the Catholic Church already owned these names as Church names .

OLD SPAIN MEETS NEW SPAIN...King Juan Carlos "Protecctor of Jerusalem" greets First Lady of America Michelle Obama

President of New Spain Barack Obama with King of Real Spain Juan Carlos ...a Kingdom is bigger than a Democracy because it is built by Blood and " God" , Not Votes and Man

Yet , despite the Anglicized West Coast the Catholic Church has positioned a Patron Saint for North and South America which they call the New Spain replacing its old title the New World.

That saint is Queen of the Americas /Our Lady of Guadalupe, Virgin Mary the Empress of the Americas.

Empress of Protestant North America and Catholic South America well known as Latin America

Meaning when the Catholic church colonized any place they know that it is God who is taking over that place.Evangelicals are not the only Dominionists in town, the Vatican is a master Dominionist.

So She is considered the one who protects the whole continent of America .Is that what the Bible says ?

Roman Catholicism patron saints teaching is just another form of idolatry which must be denounced because it is no different from African and Asian veneration of Ancestors and reincarnation.

Next time we shall see how St George protects Russia and England and Malta  at the same time .

Arthur Owiti