In  ‘UNHOLY TRINITY -THE SIGN OF THE 4 SIDED CROSS AND THE TRINITY FORMULA” we saw the connection between Constantine’s Cross and the Unholy  Trinity that comes from Babylon that is totally different from the Cross of Christ and the Holy Trinity.Thus we continue on the same thread but this time seeing the False Cross being embossed in Architecture and how it joins with Freemasonry.

As we stated last time the Cross is a four sided figure in the sense that it has 4  compass sides of North ,South, East and West.


Cathedrals have been built to depict the Cross .Yet nowhere in Scripture are we told to build buildings that signify Crosses but to preach the Cross of Christ. However the Cross  symbol has been used as a Compass of Earthly Dominion yet Jesus conquered Satan at the Cross.

Just like Pyramids which were built according to the constellation of the stars , many pagan altars build their temples either in reverence of stars , planets and the sun and moon.Cathedrals like the Temple in Jerusalem face the east but they face the East because it is from the east that the Sun rises hence Sunday .

This is why all great Cathedrals have Rose Windows ( hence from the name rise because the rose flower rise out of the bud like the sun rises out of darkness) just at the Altar because the Sun pierces through the window or the congregations face the Sun which is above the altar.

The Latin Cross on the left and the Cathedral or The Place of The Seat on the right.Notice how great cathedrals are just crosses of stone as their layouts are just the layout of the cross .Then the word Nave comes from the word Navis which means ship in Latin ..every pilot has its ship it seems


As seen above the Cross has the four major points of the Compass .The Cross has thus been used for earthly Dominion because it signifies the whole earth having all the main Compass directions.

JIGSAW PIECE 3–The  Jewish Altar had Four sides

An example of an Israelite Altar with 4 corners

A thorough study for the bible shows that the Altar both in Moses Tabernacle and Solomon’s Temple had four sides namely the north side , the south side and the east side and the west side.Thus the Altar is a cornered item meaning it is whole and covers all areas.This is found in Leviticus and the last chapters of Ezekiel.


According to the Bible the Earth is a four sided figure .This is because the issue of its shape was not an issue .The issue of earth is   the issue of direction. This is proved by the fact that Galileo only found out that the earth was spherical and was killed for that by the Pope’s orders .Yet his findings were not phenomenal because they did not change the sides of the earth. He did not change the way people measured the earth which is through compass directions.

The  sides of the   earth are the directions of the Earth namely North, East , West and South. These are known to be the 4 winds of the Earth. Thus the number 4 signifies wholeness or all sides and directions.

Matt 24:31 And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet,
and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one
end of heaven to the other


The square is a 4 sided bearing the same compass points of North , East and west and South.It is so interesting that the name square is used for the famous measuring tool that measures corners , one of the most important and strongest sides of a building.

JIGSAW PIECE 6 —    the word  COMPASS stands for the triangular measuring tool and the tool that has the 4 compass points of direction and travel

The North ,East and west and South are the main  Compass points used when measuring Space and Direction.Yet the compass is  triangular which is used to measure all objects whether round or rectangular.Thus it is an all round instrument.

This is proved by the scriptures especially the only Holy Bible in English,KJV that use the word compass to mean go round .Thus the triangular instrument is a circular instrument. The three-angle goes round which is one circle .

Heb 11:30 By faith the walls of Jericho fell down, after they were
compassed about seven days.


The Geometrical Compass used for drawing circles and arcs and the Navigational Compass used for direction

Geometry comes from the word Geo which means Earth and metre meaning measure so it is the measurement of the earth.The early mathematicians used shapes to  make drawings of everything they saw on earth and what they wanted to build.

The G in the center of the compass stands for God according to Freemasons but also Geometry which is the measure of the four sided earth.


So we have seen items that connect to the compass points used in measuring the earth are found in

1. Cross and the Altar (Holy Table)

2. Cathedrals and Temples

3. Compass and square of Geometry

Now many do know that God’s holy Temple in Jerusalem was build by masons because a mason is a builder.However Satan is a counterfeiter and he also is planning to build his temple also in Jerusalem. Hence he will employ masons to do that.

Satan’s Time plan is that of preempting and repeating. For example

  1. Preempt the coming of Christ with the coming of the Antichrist
  2. Preempt the Kingdom of God with his Kingdom that will try to look like God’s Kingdom of Justice
  3. Repeat the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ by having the Antichrist killed and revived by the False Prophet
  4. Repeat the numbering of  People as done in the Book of Numbers by introducing the 666 system

Thus the reason why Catholic and so called Christian Orders have Crosses as their symbols is because the Crosses are not just crosses but symbols of Earthly Dominion which is symbolized with a Compass.

The Freemason Christian Orders use their compass the Constantine Cross to conquer the World as the Non Christian Freemason Orders use the Geometrical Compass to conquer the World.

Thus  the  TRIANGLE (3 sides) AND THE SQUARE (4 sides) IN FREEMASONRY

And The Trinity Formula (3 names)  and the  Pagan Cross(4 sides) in Pagan Christianity-

Remember that when they do the sign of the cross, a four sided figure , they say the three names which adds up to 7. And in Freemasonry they say the G in between the Compass of three sides and Sqaure which means 4 sides is geometry the measure of the earth which has 4 winds or sides-east , West , North and South.

Arthur Owiti