We are still investigating the very covert militarization of Christianity through the symbol of the cross or shall we say idol.We call it idol because the Word of GOD HAS CALLED US ONLY TO PREACH THE CROSS NOT TO MAKE AN IDOL out of it .But the latter has happened and now Christian Nations are used to fight the Catholic Crusades.

We have seen how British Crown lands and Britain itself bears the colors and crosses of Catholic Patron Saints.

Now a look at most symbols of football clubs, countries and organizations you will notice that they always have   a shield signifying protection .The Cross is also a symbol of power and protection.

However most of these shields have crosses which divide the shield into quadrants .As we saw in our last segment that 4 is the number of the major compass directions thus the cross is used as compass , the tool of a navigator and a mason.

Thus as cross is to pagan Christianity , compass is to freemasonry and the two symbols are one and the cross is integrated in the motto and symbols of many states signifying their derivation from the Roman   Catholic Empire.

Just to let you know that a cross is also a star because stars are drawn with points just as a compass , meaning they show direction.Like the the star that led the Wise men to Bethlehem , most stars are used to show directions and locations.

In European History for example the Star of David that adorns the flag of Israel was known as the Jewish Cross .Thus the Celtic Cross is seen as powerful because it has the most powerful star called the Sun.

Why it is important to know these things is to show you how many nations and many things we associate ourselves with are the property of Rome and are nothing but colonies which must be in line with their agenda .It is deeper than we think.


See how each shield in each insgnia has a cross..the cross always divides the shield into 4 depicting the 4 compass points


Cambridge University Crest with the shield which has the Cross




            CROSS = SHIELD = STAR

The Star of David is called the Shield of Solomon and David which was called in Europe , the Jewish Cross

Prince William with his Wife Catherine ..he adorns the Star of the Order of the Garter which as you can see to your right has the St George's Cross, the Patron Saint of the Order

So we live in a world draped by the symbols of  Enduring Empires who marks of ownership are on flags and in churches .This world is surely not our home.

Arthur Owiti