Geert Wilders who had been accused of inciting hatred against Muslims has been acquitted by a Dutch Court.This was a wise judgment by Judge Oosten as far as we are concerned.

GEERT WILDERS ...TO SOME HE IS A SAINT , TO OTHERS A VILLAIN ....just like Osama Bin Laden was portrayed as Hero for some , Villain for others ...the two qualifications that everyone that has

The judge stated in his 2o minute judgment that there was nothing criminal in the statements Geert Wilders made as they were directed to Islam and not to Muslims. Wilders had called Islam Fascist and likened the Koran to Hilter’s book Mein Kampf and had a movie that portrayed Islam in a bad light.

The judge should be commended for upholding the freedom of expression and understanding the dynamics of hate speech.

Hate is an emotion  as far as language is concerned .And emotion is a natural because it has to with sense .Hate being an emotion on its own,  is a subjective issue because we have not seen all the colors of hate yet and what one hates another loves .

This is why Laws are always Dictatorial – the word dictate comes from dicere – to say which means words .Hence dictionary , diction, edict(law) and dictator.

For example, the Law God gave the Children of Israel was basically what he loved and what he hates put in words – he said and it was written down .

It is ludicrous to say that God’s Law is Natural Law  because in God’s Law not all flesh must be eaten yet naturally , fleshy meats are edible . God banned the eating of pork , and sea creatures  that had no fins , for reasons he made known;according to him, those animals were unclean.

Yet naturally , many people eat sea food and pork and have not died .Thus God’s Law is based on what he wants and not about nature .

Some may say the New Testament allows for eating of all foods as long as one offers them in prayer unto God .Yes yet the Jewish Apostles  commanded the Gentile believers not to eat strangled animals and fornicate .Thus when it came to food, what Gentiles called natural to the Jews was unnatural.

Secondly, in the area of sexual relations , God set boundaries not on nature because the law of nature is when a a fertile man relates with a fertile woman , they will have a child irrespective of their positions in the family .

But God set boundaries for the Israel not to cross, basing on the reason that he did not want family members to mix with one another .It was abomination based on what God wanted/loved and not wanted /hated  and not based on Nature , because babies are born from any union of a man and woman.

So Laws are based on the emotions of the law makers who justify those emotions with reasons that justify the law they make .Natural Law is distinct from God’s Law and God’s Law is distinct from Man’s Law.

Nature has not spoken so how can we claim there is a Natural law .God says and Man says hence are dictators.



The World is getting very strong technologically but weak psychologically . People that live with nuclear weapons and guns and laser guns are so concerned  about being hurt emotionally to the extent that just saying you hate what they like is a crime !

The hate speech law is not useless as such, when someone says a lie that damages one’s reputation . However such wrongs have  already been covered under Libel and Slander , why create Hate Speech ?

These Law makers want to extend crime to one’s thoughts and opinions , when we are given freedom to view our thoughts and opinion s.

Democracies are to allow free speech because many people are ruling therefore many people have different views .However a Monarchy only tolerates one view and those who have different views should go before the King and tell him or else face treason charges .

So are we under Monarchies ? We need to know so  that we are not accused of treason .

Yes we are under Monarchies disguised as Democracies and especially since 2001 the Antichrist Monarchy is ruling through the Governments of the World.


People who are accusing Geert Wilders of hate are just in for a shock when they read the Bible .If the crime of Hate Speech is retrospective people like Paul , Jesus Christ  and the Prophets would be put in jail in absentia or taken their assets up.

Actually it happened . Paul and Jesus and the disciples and prophets were killed just for their words !

Just take a look at some examples of words which if taken to our modern courts one would term them as hate speech

1. Paul called the Galatians (people living in Galatia ) FOOLISH –

2.Peter called walking in lusts and banqueting and lascivousness -the will of the Gentiles , thus stating that Gentiles normally do such . And he was right in that sense because the Jews law was basically law that prohibited what Gentiles allowed.

3.Jesus called the Pharisees Children of the Devil AND VIPERS

4. Isaiah and Jeremiah prophesied that animals were better in reasoning than the people of Israel who were as stubborn as mules .


Now Geert Wilders has not called Muslims Foolish nor has he called them Children of the Devil but since he may claim to be  a Christian , thus the Bible his  source of religious authority , the Bible has labelled people those names .Now who do you blame ?The Koran calls for Killing in Sura 9 . Who do you blame when one obeys that commandment ?

Thus the folly of the hate  speech laws . It is so remote to connect statements of disgust and hate to crime .

Jesus called the Pharisees many offensive names , but at his trial they could not prove him of any crime because his speech and views were not criminal acts !

Hence when people give their views why the do not like or like something an opinion , religious economic or political  they have done nothing criminal.

Now if someone kills based on those views , that person should be arrested and tried not because of the views but because he has killed because in that same country there are people who hold the same views but have not killed anybody.

So if this Hate Speech Laws continue to exist , then I guess many Christians and Muslims will be in jail because their  writings have spoken words against people which would be deemed as hateful .

God Bless You,

Arthur Owiti


Geert Wilders cleared of hate charges by Dutch court

Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders has been acquitted of charges of inciting hatred against Muslims.

Mr Wilders had described Islam as “fascist”, comparing the Koran to Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

He insisted his statements were directed at Islam and not at Muslim believers – something which is legal under Dutch law.

Judge Marcel van Oosten told him his statements were “acceptable within the context of public debate”.

“The bench finds that although gross and degenerating, it did not give rise to hatred,” he said.

The verdict was greeted with applause from Mr Wilders’ supporters in the public gallery.

Outside the courtroom, the 47-year-old politician said he was “incredibly happy” with the verdict.

“It’s not only an acquittal for me, but a victory for freedom of expression in the Netherlands,” he said.

Members of minority groups who initiated the case had told the trial that Mr Wilders’ comments had led to a rise in discrimination and violence against Muslims.

Plaintiffs had been seeking a symbolic one-euro fine. Before the court verdict, they had said they would consider taking their case to the European Court of Human Rights.

Mr Wilders was charged with inciting hatred and discrimination in January 2009, based on anti-Islamic statements he had made in speeches, written articles and in his controversial film Fitna.

His trial began in January 2010, after judges of the court in Amsterdam ruled that the case should be heard – despite a decision by the public prosecutors’ office not to pursue it.

Even during the trial, the prosecutors had called for Mr Wilders to be acquitted, saying that while his remarks were offensive they should be part of legitimate political debate.

Although not part of the coalition government, the support of Mr Wilders’s Freedom Party (PVV) keeps it in power.