Philip Ochieng does it again ,  skilfully summarizing  ages of history in a nutshell this time about South Sudan and her neighbours .This was not an easy article to write owing to the deep tribalism that hovers in East Africa.Yet , his findings are worth sharing here because he hits on certain things we have shared on Ukweli.

Thus we share it to show how all nations irrespective of continent are basically one blood and how in these last days blood ties and blood shed will reign in Africa.

This is because Tribalism is Racism. And every tribe wants and aims at feeling special.

This is why Jews will be hated and have been because they are God’s people as per the BIble .Thus everyone wants their tribe to win.

However for believers, though we are made up of many tribes we belong to the one commonwealth of Israel.We are united by the Head Jesus Christ.We are brothers and sisters irrespective of our tribe or tongue because we have one Lord and King Jesus Christ.

Thus what Philip does is show how South Sudan is actually one big family of tribes that ruled the region long ago.

The most important question his article brings to mind will this history spark more division than unity amongst other tribes ?

Well, he is not the only scholar who is working hard to tell the story about East Africans. Good researchers such as Ugandan  Eric Kashambuzi  and an online historian Emmanuel Kariuki have clearly explained how the Bahima and Tutsi are Nilotic or Nilotic influenced and the Kikuyu having ties with Egypt yet that was a reserve for Kalenjins and other Nilotes.

In all , their findings show that Africa was not that disorganized as painted by most Western History .Indeed the first western Historians and also Arab Historians told of organized chiefdoms and communities yet the people never had Western or Arab training.This was however distorted by the writings of latter historians.

First of all he connects the Irish Danaan tribe to the Luo . It is getting clear that the Celtic tribes in England and Ireland and Scotland are connected to Africa having a family link in Egypt .Irish Celtic drum beats are nowhere near Europe’s Music but similar to African beats.The Celts are in the Bible as Galatians or they lived in Galatia /Gaul and then moved up to Britain.

For example the word for mound or a small hill in Luo is Thur while the Irish  word Tor  means a rough hilltop.

 Biblical Geographical Evidence

Secondly Philip , though being an atheist , picks up the connection between the Luo and the Egyptians , Amorites and Edomites mentioned in the Bible.This is where we would like to add some meat.

In the Bible the land of Africa is called the Land of Ham . Now before people shout Hamitic Theory , one should accept that accroindg to the Bible Egypt which is in Africa is called the land of Ham.

106:21-22 They forgat God their saviour, which had done great things in
 Wondrous works in the land of Ham, and terrible things by the
Red sea.

Now Ham’s son Canaan was cursed , noone else but Canaan.This led to many Jewish  , Arab and later Western Christian traders to justify enslavement of Africans , yet such justification was nothing but an extrapolation of the so called Hamitic Theory as Canaan alone was cursed and not the other children of Ham.

Ham’s children lived in Canaan where Israel is  right now and in Egypt ,Africa.Yet God allowed for Joseph to get married to an Egyptian , a daughter of Ham and even include a half cast line in the tribes of Israel known as Ephraim and Manasseh.

How else do we know that most East Africans connect to Ham or Egypt , apart from Geographical evidence ?


Linguistic evidence is found in Judges 12 where the Ephraimites were at war Jephthah the Gileadite who was a judge in Israel.Jephthah ‘s men caught the Ephraimites by the tongue.They could not say the word Shi-bboleth as they pronounced it as Si-bboleth.

Art thou an Ephraimite? If he said, Nay;  Then said they unto him Say now Shibboleth: and he said Sibboleth: for he could not frame to pronounce it right. Then they took him, and slew him at the passages of Jordan: and there fell at that time of the Ephraimites forty and two thousand. Judges 12:5-6

This shows that Ephraimites who half Egyptian Half Hebrew , had no Sh sound . As we know in English the first language of baby is referred to as Mother tongue because since the mother spends time with the infant, she speaks to the infant in her language .The more the reason why God did not want Israel to marry outside Israel, hence preserve the Hebrew tongue and hence Hebrew Culture and Religion.

Since the Ephraimites mother was Egyptian, and not Jewish, they acquired her S and lack of Sh.

Here in East Africa, it is common knowledge that the tribes mentioned by Philip Ochieng  such as Karamojong, Itesot, Luo, Shilluk, Acholi  are known not to have Sh sound or have few words with Sh .What is even more intersting , Luganda which is a Bantu language , rarely has Sh words unlike the Ankole who have sh words . Also Meru and Kikuyu of  Bantu Kenya do not have sh and you find some say “samba ” instead of shamba ( Swahili for land).

So most tribes in East Africa are just cousins  from one family and not wide apart from each other as portrayed today in Africa.

Prime Minster Raila Odinga and President Yoweri Museveni ..Philip Ochieng's article shows that these two are cousins , if not,brothers

These findings reveal the reality that the nations of the world were all together at one place in Babel , Iraq and shows why the war in Iraq and the creation of South Sudan and Iran and Egypt are not just economically significant to the Elite but spiritually and mystically significant. Watch and study and pray.

Arthur Owiti


South Sudan may as well be called Luoland by Philip Ochieng

South Sudan may as well be called Luoland by Philip Ochieng

The Luo Nation lives in nearly 10 states — Central Africa, Congo, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and the two Sudans. But South Sudan is their umbilical cord. All claim Diding’a on dog nam
as their original home. Dog nam is the Acholi equivalent of dhonam, Dholuo for “Mouth of the
Lake” — that is, a lakeshore. There is no agreement on which lake it

Most historians identify it as Lake No or River Palugo or what the Arabs called “Sea of the Gazelle” (Bahr El Ghazal). The three, it is thought, are the same thing.
From time immemorial, the Luo have lived along the majestic Nile, between that lake and another one they call Nam Lolwe (“water that extends to the ends of the earth”). This refers to that ultimate fish paradise, which colonial Britain renamed “Lake Victoria”.

Yet all our newspapers claim that what was born on Saturday somewhere between those lakes was a “new nation”. No, the Luo are not a new nation. The Acholi, Adhola, Alur, Anyuak, Bor, Dinka, Jonam, Kumam, Lang’o, Nuer, Podho (the Luo of Kenya and Tanzania) and Shilluk have been there Tangu zamani za Haruni. What is new is only the Juba-based state.

The Luo and the Ateker compose the African section of the great Nilotic family. The Ateker include the Ilmaa (“Maasai”), Ilmol (“Elmolo”), Iloikop (“Laikipiak”), Ilsampur (“Samburu”), Iltiemus (“Njemps”), Karimojong’ (“Karamoja”), Myoot (“Kalenjin”) , Ngiturkan (“Turkana”) and Atesot (“Teso”).
Consanguine with them were the ancient Murru (“Amorites” of Babylon), Canaanites (Phoenicia), Colchians (Armenia), Kaptah (Copts of Egypt), Nubians (Sudan), Danaans (Greece), Dananns (Ireland), Dravidians (India), Edomites (Sinai), Etruscans (Italy), Gauls (France), Hausa (Nigeria), Lixitae (Morocco), Minoans (Crete), Sumerians (Iraq) and Susans (Persia).

From Tekidi (Tiendkidi) through Pakwach, Palwo, Kaberamaido, Budola, Yimbo, Alego, Mumias, Mirunda and Awendo to Mariwa, the Luo also ingested much exotic blood. They included the Muru, a Sudanic offshoot of the Amorites, who probably are the ancestors of the Mur-nyala of Alego in modern Kenya’s Siaya and Migori.

The Luo also civilised and then swallowed the Oma-chuji, an extremely primitive Hamito-Semitic community invading Southern Sudan from the Red Sea. Oma is said to be the origin of the name Bahima and Chuji of the name Bachwezi. A conflation of energy between Bachwezi and Babito-Luo was what created the sprawling empire over such great Bantu peoples as Ankole, Ganda, Haya, Hutu, Luhya, Nyoro, Soga, Toro and Tutsi.

The royal title Nabongo is only a corruption of Nyabong’o, an epithet of Kitara, the Luo founder of the Bunyoro kingdom. The Luo describe themselves with profound pride as Ochol and Rateng’), adjectives which mean “black”. For they are probably the blackest people on earth. Indeed, blackness is why the Acholi and the Collo (pronounced Cholo) are called so. Shilluk, as the Collo are also known, has the same etymology.

The nouns Ochol and Oteng’ (or Jorateng’) refer to the Negro race, namely, those whom the God Jok created from specially treated black clay from Kiir (the Luo name for the Nile significantly carried by South Sudan’s first President).

Dichol endearingly describes a woman with a smooth black skin. Thus, in the biblical book of Songs, the Goddess says of herself: “I am black and beautiful”. The Song, we now know, eulogises Astarte, the Canaanite “Queen of Heaven”, an alter ego of the Nilotic Isis. In Southern Sudan, however, the state nearly coincides with the nation and may justify the term “nation-state”, which we misuse even for multi-national states like India, Nigeria and the UK. Even though Southern Sudan’s Luo Nation spills over into other states, Juba is more or less a one-nation state.

Thus — despite the Ateker admixture — South Sudan might fittingly rename itself “Luoland” — just as (for convenience’s sake) the term “England” celebrates only the Dutch Angles, not the Cornish natives or the German Saxons or the Danish Jutes.


The following article was written some years ago but we have chosen to adjoin it with the above recent article to reiterate that writing and talking about History is fact finding and not propaganda.Though I do not agree with him calling God a bigot , that is his point of view and he is entitled to make that view.Hr however brings some nuggets of truth about racism.

Sunday, March 31, 2002

Why hatred cannot win this war

I often get anonymous messages calling me rude names. My latest detractor dismisses as “tiresome” all my recent comments on racial justice. It is truly cowardly. For moral courage allows no anonymous abuse.

If you must insult me, please supply your name and address so I can reply. Better a Carol-Rob McKee (PhD) who calls me a “fool” just because I reject a bigoted tribal deity called Jehovah whose name her kind has always invoked to vandalise blacks.

If I tire you, please send me a refreshingly original view of your own. The newspaper cutting you have enclosed does not serve. For it is somebody else’s intellectual effort. And it expresses nothing but the same smothering prejudices which I try to dissect.

But no intelligent person can hope to win an argument by hurling pejoratives. Only those with no argument tend to shout. Thus I get the charge that I hate whites. Yet my tutelage rejects all racial, national, tribal, gender, class and religious prejudice. My only “hate” is injustice.

And I try to base all my conclusions on study. If I have faith, it is only in man’s natural ability to rid himself collectively of all the terrible thought-habits – greed, hatred, jealousy, cruelty, suchlike – which civilisation has taught him.

Through collective new tuition we can re-create ourselves to banish all the suffering that individualist nurture drives us to inflict on our fellows.

A mind so constituted cannot hate on the basis of colour. And he rejects all other forms of hate because hate is an irrational feeling and he has no part with the irrational.

True, since 1400 whites do unspeakable things to blacks. But black American Randall Robinson is not advocating hate by demanding a white mea culpa and recompense.

For science tells us that these historic cruelties do not reside in the gene of any race. Genetically, man is an incredibly homogeneous species. The recent stripping of the human genome affirms this.

What the white ruling classes have done to non-whites is to be traced only to artificial or cultural causes. They spring, not from biology, but from appallingly bad social upbringing since the rise of capitalism.

Understandable anger drove the Black Muslims to the stupid claim that the white race was the Devil Incarnate. Malcolm X had to pay with his own life after his wonderful mental rebirth.

For, if evil were in white genes, what would explain such saints as Francis of Assisi, Tom Paine, Emmelline Pankhurst, Vladimir Lenin, John Griffin, Hording Carter, Father Groppi?

What unites these is not ideology but rare intellect, integrity, humility, honesty, active commitment to purging us of the hatred that consumes us.

A ‘rainbow coalition’

If a black group had arrived at capitalist relations before other races, they would have claimed racial superiority to commit the same global evil.

But blacks did not. Therefore, no acute delusion of racial grandeur ever assails them. Because they have no racial privileges to defend, they never feel the urge for Nazism, the Ku Klux Klan, skinheads, the Broederbond, Zionism, such brain cancers.

Yes, racism is a delirium, a mental illness, a brain always in a vortex. A racist never knows any peace. He is so debased he always thinks evil thoughts, always plans unprovoked violence.

Yet – even as he burns other people’s churches and hurls vulgar words and deadly weapons – he claims to be nobler than you. Nobility, I thought, is defined by equanimity, reason, courtesy, kindness, compassion.

Not hatred of whites but liberation of all mankind from a class of whites – the corporate family – that’s all I advocate. For this family enslaves whites also – the proletariat and the poor southern and eastern Europeans.

If I urge blacks to drum up racial pride, I don’t seek to rouse them against whites, only to wake them up to an international system which exploits all races, anti-black racism being but one of its weapons.

For if this struggle tends to follow colour lines, it is the European mercantilists who drew those lines. Yet the struggle is not so black-and-white.

Black liberation can succeed only if it entails white liberation. For by dehumanising blacks, the whites have dehumanised themselves also. The white culprit is as much a (mental) slave as the black victim.

The would-be black liberator, therefore, must also appeal to the white person’s own latent humanity and humanise him into joining Jesse Jackson’s “rainbow coalition” to fight the good fight.

When enough oppressed whites realise that their oppressors are the same individuals who oppress blacks, the war on injustice will have been won.