From the looks of things ,2011-12 is a year of shaking every sector of society , economic, religious and political.Who would think that we would have TV weekend features on countries such as Norway, Denmark, Netherlands ? Countries which never appeared on global news networks because they were havens of peace .Not any more.

The havens of peace are now havens of war and everything is crumbling down.Everything that can be shaken will be shaken in this time.

What about USA the leading Babylon of all the other Babylonettes (All nations have the American/British system -whether Hindu,Islamic Christian and Secular…through having similar political systems, constitutions, the US Dollar being the the standard currency for foreign exchange.)

Babylon is falling down .This was aptly put years ago in the Bible and was put to song by Hosanna Music. Enjoy the prophetic song which may come to fruition this year.