Now we take a look at the Paul versus James faction book by book .In our last series we have seen that the church was divided into yet it was one .It is just the same way a parent company has subsidiary companies .

Coca Cola USA and Coca Cola Kenya are one company but two because they bear the same name but the way they run their activities is governed by the laws of two countries hence cannot be said to operate the same way.

The Early church had Jews and non Jews and this was a clash of culture because even though theoretically the two were one in Christ , practically they had two different cultures .To avoid the church from turning into a bloody body the church leadership set up different rules for the groups , calling Gentile believers not to keep Jewish customs.

Yet such an ultimatum was not kept to the letter by Paul who stressed  that whether you circumcise or nor , whether you eat pork or not , is not the issue .The issue is living in Jesus Christ and  living a life of repentance.

Today , we are seeing the division very clearly concerning the name of Jesus as the Jesus versus Yahshua groupings are rising up with some saying that the word Christian is not biblical and that we should be Hebrews .Others are up in arms with the use of letter J against Y , letter J being a very new letter which is said by some  to be Illuminati inspired ?? The James and Paul camps are being put up for sure.

Thus in the book of Romans we find Paul clearly dividing the world into Gentiles and Jews , those without the law and those with the Law pointing out that having the law is not the issue because all have sinned ..both Jew and Gentile .

In fact in chapter 3 he goes on to say that if you take the Law as a standard to judge whether one is saved or justified , you will find those who do not have the Law are keeping it than those who have it.

However Chapter 4 is where the rubber meets the road because he declares that faith is not of works yet James says  other wise.

Was not Abraham our father justified by works, when he had
offered Isaac his son upon the altar? James

James 2:24 Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by
faith only.

But listen to what Paul says …

4:2 For if Abraham were justified by works, he
hath whereof to glory; but not before

Now Paul is saying Abraham was not justified by works but James is saying he was .Of course Paul was referring to the work of circumcision whereas James was talking about the work of putting Isaac on the altar and not circumcision.

Nonetheless , does what James say go contrary to what Paul taught ?

Did Paul teach that faith only ? For Faith only is the mantra of Protestantism , the oxygen of the Reformation ?

Take time  to meditate as we delve into this in the next part .

Arthur Owiti