Or the world does not want to know it .This is the hypocrisy of so called  International policy makers .Syria may be different from Libya , but people are dying unnecessarily .Yet you will here the famous line from such leaders “We are fighting Al Qaeda “. The moment a country can call its citizens Al Qaeda, know it is the end.

Syrian Tanks in Hama…I do not think the Manufacturer of these tanks would love the wars in Syria to end because that will render his business redundant

In this Ramadhan  I wonder How can one fast and fight at the same time ? Where is Allah at this time of Ramadhan ?

This is just proof that Religion is always a cover for the Elite who will quell dissent even when their religions call for restraint.

We do not want to sound like a tired LP record but one thing is for sure, Guns are the Last resort in any attempt to restore order .


The so called UN Security Council is watching as if they have no powers .The job of watching belongs to the people of the world and not the Council .This is the time UN can prove that it is concerned about peace… not toothless resolutions.

Let us pray for the people of Syria , as they endure this grueling war against a Despotic Regime.And we thought there was democracy in the Arab world and the world at large…. dream again.

When Assad’s father was ruling ,over 20, 000 died in Hama in 1982

Today Assad rules and I pray he is not looking to break his father’s record .

Well if there was a world  international body in 1982 which did nothing , it seems History just has to repeat itself…. depopulate the world in the name of restoring order and quelling revolt….Henec expect bigger wars in the days to come everywhere.

Here is a song we did that just defines War as it is ….War…Gun Ideology

1.Guns rule the world

God Bless You,

Arthur Owiti