Samuel Huntington was right , after all.

Breivik is Evidence of the Clash of Civilizations

Breivik’s Manifesto is truly not one of an insane man , well this days the general rule of sanity should be changed to the general of insanity that all are insane unless proven sane.

I say this because there are more insane guys who are ruling the world through lies and deceit robbing from the people they promise to lead,create crimes like terrorism, yet have the audacity to lambast someone else of a condition , they possess.Sin is Sin and all have sinned .Get the log out of your eye first then get the speck out of your brother’s.

Yet Breivik’s insanity or sanity proves that over 50% of Norway may have his condition.This is because 50% said in a recent poll that  Immigration was a serious issue just as Breivik postulated in his manifesto.

We cannot blame them, Europe is going through what Africa went through when Arab and Western Colonialists came to Africa .

Because Africa was militarily weaker than them, its lifestyle changed and very little of its original identity remained intact.

Scandinavia has been prosperous because of its Homogenous society. They had one culture and way of life that meant less wars and strife.Now with Multi Culturalism it is ridiculous to claim that there will be no conflicts and tensions.

Of course in the long run ,people will live side by side like Protestants now live side by side with Catholics , however right now the Old must fight the New before the New wins.



IN what may be seen as a rejoinder to the massive onslaught targeted against Kenya Government spokesman Alfred Mutua , after his careless statement about the famine in Somalia and Kenya , Mutula Kilonzo , the Minister of Justice  has called Hate speech a consitutional violation.

That was a heavy statement yet was not backed with light reasons One being that an infamous twitter and Facebook page titled “I HATE ALFRED MUTUA”was set up in response to his remarks that no one has died due to the famine.

His remarks were awful considering the massive coverage the Kenyan Media undertook to inform the public about the devastating state of affairs in the region due to the famine. In fact the Media coverage was good as it has led Kenyans to really give funds in aid of the hungry .This is commendable and this is what life is about…giving to those who are in need.

Meanwhile the Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka joined the fray of defending Alfred Mutua’s defence of the Government by stating the Government had done a lot way before the situation escalated.What happened to admitting that you are wrong.


MONEY OR PEOPLE ...It is people with money that can make a difference, not money alone They say that billions have been poured in the famine stricken region before famine is this the result of the billions?It is people with money/food that can make a difference, not money alone

If we were in the shoes of Government Spokesman Alfred Mutua we would resign for , it will be very hard to serve people that do not like your service.

Yet the Minister of Justice wants to call people who express their hate for someone or group , Constitutional Criminals? People are dying of hunger not  hate .


Like Terrorism , Hate Speech is a bogus legal term.This is because there real exists Libel and Slander Laws that cover  speech crimes.

It is also bogus because hate being an emotion cannot be subjected to criminal law . Illegal Actions such as murder drawn from emotions are what must be subjected to the .

We should not be judged for what we feel but what we do with what we feel.Expressing what you feel through speech or writing is not a crime if that expression does not break the law like murder or slander.

So if 100,000 people hate you so what ? It does nothing to you and it may even encourage you to change or remain the same.

However when someone says a lie about you that damages your reputation and livelihood , note it must be  a lie , not an opinion nor a theory about you, you are free to either forgive the person , deny their claims or accept the, or sue them.

Hate is not False Accusation so the Minister of Justice better be concerned about serious issues of injustice such as not feeding the hungry and post election violence than defending his colleague from emotional  facebook and twitter rants .

Arthur Owiti