The UN building in Abuja Nigeria has been hit by a bomb blast injuring many and killing a number .  Boko Haram claims responsibility.What we are seeing in Nigeria is a situation that will soon look like Libya.

Symbolic Attack on UN building.... will this allow direct UN involvement in Nigeria's civil war ? As far as we are concerned , Nigeria is in a state of Civil War and she does not want to admit it

Is it not strange that African countries with oil are facing civil wars coupled with terrorism ?

For your information, Terrorism is nothing new and its definition should be conjoined with that of Acts of war , plain and simple.

Why are all these NIgerian Bombings attacking installations that are known to be higly secure with so called CCTV coverage ? Could be it send the message out loud and clear .

Thus Nigeria is having a  Neo Biafran War only that it employs bomb blasts targeting Government and Western Interests.Nigeria is in astate of civil war and she does not want to deal with it.

Well such willful ignorance will escalate to a revolutionary war in the near future as Boko Haram seeks to drive an Islamic Revolution just like the one in Libya .The question is , will NATO aid Boko Haram or annihilate them ?

Arthur Owiti