Just as Hurricane Irene was lashing the East Coast with winds and high water the West Coast was on fire with MTV Awards .Yet a strange stunt, amongst the many other stunts, was put up by none other than Beyonce Knowles – revealing her first pregnancy.

Multi Million Dollar Musician Beyonce Knowles therefore a Global Idol/Goddess shows off her pregnancy ...we call this an Ancient stunt as the Idol/Goddess Semiramis announced to the ancient people of Babylon that she was pregnant...in Ancient Religion Fertility is proved by Pregnancy and in Ancient Religion Music accompanied Fertility rites.

What just caught my eye was her tapping of her womb . The whole picture of her tapping the womb is reminiscent of the ancient goddess ,Semiramis who, after the death of Nimrod , the mighty hunter before the Lord God , showed the people her womb that she was pregnant with his child , Tammuz, the ancient deity and reincarnation of Nimrod.

What the people of Babylon wondered is how could a dead Nimrod impregnate a living Semiramis ? Well Semiramis just told the people that the sun’s rays impregnated her because when Nimrod died he went up to the Sun.

This was the birth of Sun God Religion where we have the Sun-Day set aside for him ..Nimrod was the sun and most cultures gave the sun and his “son”, Tammuz, worship in remembrance of Nimrod.

So interesting how MTV can reenact such but it is not strange.Music is just the same as it was in the days of Semiramis .Today’s love songs and music videos with half naked people are no different to the dances and music of Nimrod’s day which also involved nudity and ecstasy .

The so called American Idols is not a joke as people are drawn to worship musicians like the ancients worshiped idols in the past. Since the same word “idols”, that was used in 3000 BC IS BEING USED IN 2011 AD, it is a clear sign that there is  Nothing new under the sun, idolatry yesterday which God hated and idolatry today which God hates.

The mesmerizing and colourful Lights that littered the MTV stage are similar to the fire lamps that lit the temple courts of Asherah and Baal where the ancient people watched the temple prostitutes strip and dance  for the gods and goddesses.Samson was forced to entertain the Philistines in such manner.

Moreover ,all pagan religions were about fertility rites which means sexual rituals which were represented geographically through the seed-time and harvest.

However in the Old Testament sexual rites were not to be performed in the Temple , but some of  the fruits of legal sexual activity were brought before God such as the firstborns of humans and animals, animals , food crops and harvests (revealing the fertility of the ground) .

But for Pagan religions the same offerings would be extended to child sacrifice and cannibalism.

There is nothing new under the sun and Beyonce Knowles stunt is as old as the world.The world is still crazy about idols.

Arthur Owiti


Beyonce reveals pregnancy at MTV Music Video Awards


Singer Beyonce Knowles has outlined a baby bump to photographers after months of speculation she might be pregnant.

The R&B star, 29, used her hands to frame her baby bump under a loose-fitting dress as she arrived at the MTV Music Video Awards in Los Angeles.

Beyonce did not talk to media but her publicist later confirmed the pregnancy, Associated Press reported.

It will be the first child for Beyonce and her husband rapper Jay-Z, who married in 2008.

Beyonce was competing for the MTV Best Female Video Award for Run the World (Girls). She also performed at the awards.

Her other hits include Beautiful Liar and Single Ladies. She has sold more than 75 million albums worldwide.

Jay-Z performed Otis with Kanye West at the awards. Other performers included Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, Pitbull and Chris Brown.