Is not strange that Western secular States have flags with Western Christian Crosses ? What is also more astounding is religious mottos  govern  secular countries .thus debunking the myth that sate is not one with religion

Mottos are sayings that accompany a flag or an emblem of a republic or corporation or institution.

They have been used for years yet one irony that is glaring is that some countries carry Religious mottos when they call themselves secular states.. hilarious !!

Mottos are either religious or secular .Yet one would wonder why would a secular state adopt a religious motto ?

Well the word secular is actually Passive Religious or Religious Tolerant because States have religious people whose religion must be recognized by them.When they do not recognize  them , they are saying they have a State Religion.

For example the Western world has been called agnostic but not so the rich elite of those Western countries-they cannot throw away religion as it is the glue that sticks their power all together.

A look at Western Military installations and one finds that all of them have Military Chaplains ,showing you how religion is very important during war and in the barracks.

This is becuase Religion inpsires people more than Politics.

Politics is about the possible, the laws of man , yet requires a lot of study and is marred with a lot of argument thanks to a lack of one standard of truth.

Religion is about the impossible , the laws of God and nature which just requires use of natural senses to grasp understanding and does not call for hard study like Politics.This is why Children are more religiously tuned than politically tuned because Religion easily seeps in than Politics.

Thus if you have a society that is religiously inclined , then the religious elite of that country run the show .If you have a nation that is not religiously inclined, the respect for religion dwindles.

Our contention is that if you are a secular state with religious insignia , you are basically saying that religion serves a political purpose.Hence no separation of religion and State.

What about countries like China which boast of separation of religion and state ? Well they are busy persecuting Religious groups .Why is a secular state pursuing a religious enemy ? Then it is not secular .Hence no secular state exists because when a State is secular , it is saying that the State is the religion.

If no state is secular but polytheistic owing to their tolerance and acceptance of all religions within it then the theory of separation of state and religion , is just that , a theory.

Below are countries that bear Religious  National Mottos but are Secular States.

1.USA …… In God we trust

2.Kenya…Harambee… the Hindu god called Har and the Hindu Goddess Ambee..the motto is in Hindi

3.Uganda…For God and My Country

4. Ecuador…God, homeland and liberty

Countries with secular national motto tend to be those influenced by the French revolution and Communism .Yet this is just another way of saying the State is Religion , hence the reason why religious persecution dogs such states.

Meanhwile Royal Empires and Kingdoms cling to God.

1.England….God and my right… the motto is in French

2. Denmark…“God’s Help, the People’s Love, Denmark’s Strength

3.German Empire…God with us …. not officially known as the German Empire today

4. Russian Empire.. God is with us…not officially known as the Russian Empire today.

Countries with Secular National Mottos but Religious Affiliation

1. Nigeria ….Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress …yet it is a member of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

Countries that are Deemed Agnostic  or call themselves Secular but Have Cross Flags

Finland, Iceland Norway, Sweden and Denmark with the famous Nordic Cross

Western countries hide their religious roots while Islamic Countries reveal their religious roots showing you that religion goes hand in hand with the politics because both religion and politics are governed by laws.

Now did Jesus have a motto ? Well the closest thing to a motto could be the statement “Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand ” . Yet his cross adorns many flags and other crosses of others which is contrary to his teachings .Flags are always about war that is why the Cross is a shield and a shield has four quadrants just like a cross.

Arthur Owiti