Why do crosses adorn these companies ? As we have been studying that crosses are stars as stars are drawn bearing the four compass points . It is interesting that this object which is wrongly used to signify Christianity is employed in the Military , Computer Programs and World Aid.

NATO flag

Nato Star is a Cross ...Like the Latin Cross, the Nato star has four cardinal points of a compass

As for Windows , one wonders why Windows also opted for a Cross sign as it is common knowledge that not all windows have cross divisions. But they know why they chose that design.

Windows Cross

Knights of Malta white cross

Then when it comes to World War and World Aid , it is three Middle Eastern Religions that dominate the scene yet all bear different insignia with one color Red .Yet we know Red is the colour for St George, as St George’s Cross is Red .

This Red Cross is found in the Red Cross Society which also has a crescent and diamond meaning the Moon and Star and Sun(Cross) ..all are rulers as the Bible put it clealry that the sun, moon and stras will rule the day and night

The Red CRoss society cross and the Red Cross of St George of England to the right

ST George's Red Cross for Christianity, St George's Red Crescent for Islam, St. George's Red Crystal for Judaism....Three different religions but one red colour..Have you seen these trucks distribute food during War time??

compiled by Arthur Owiti