Though it is not strange for Israel to play in European football leagues , it is a noteworthy observation for anyone studying and analyzing events occurring in Israel and its environs. With Israel part of the UEFA Euro championships , one can safely say that Israel is seeking EU membership as Europe cajoles her to their side.

Just a sneak preview of the ongoing relationship between Israel and Europe ,shows that Israel is strangely warming up to Europe to the point of joining the EU. This may not be overt as we would want it to be , but covertly , Israel is more eligible , or is being considered more eligible than Turkey due to what Europe can gain from Israel.

For the first time Europe is facing what Israel has faced for years since its inception in 1948 : Cross hairs with the Muslim World.

During World War 2, the 1940s , Europe was not facing issues of Muslim Immigration. In fact, Nazi Germany was concerned about Jewish Immigration , yet though immigrants , Jews in Europe  were as European as the Non Jewish Europeans by birth and years of living in Europe.

During World War Three , in these 1990s and 2000s, Europe has new neighbor that has a totally different culture and political thought that threatens the Western make up : The Muslim Immigrant , and not the Jewish Emigrant.

Of course , the European Elite are not in conflict with the Muslim Elite , but most of the European masses now connect with the Israeli masses when it comes to them having a conflict of interests with  the  Muslim masses and thought .

Now for European Elite to be relevant to their people, they have to connect with the masses and since the masses are uniting with Israel, the Elite have no choice but formulate cordial relations with the Jewish State. Recent polls in  some European countries like Italy  showed people supporting Israel’s stance in the Middle East Crisis.

This is not due to the sympathy of the  Nazi past but the empathy of the Islamic –Judeo/Western present and future.

Meanwhile , Israel has been isolated evidenced by  its absence in the membership of regional blocs in the Middle East . For example the Arab League is called the Arab league and not the Middle East League yet Israel is within the region of the Arab League.

Yet again most of the people in Israel who returned back home from Europe still speak European languages .Thus no need of denying their European heritage.

So Israel , seeking regional cooperation is opting to join Europe and benefit from Regional Protection, Regional Sustainability and Regional Offensives, as the enemy is shared .

Thus it is only a matter of time before Israelis call themselves Europeans .Question is will Israel overtake Turkey in its quest for European Union Membership ?



Arthur Owiti