Bumped into an article( http://www.talk2action.org/story/2011/9/1/154039/1835 )that mentions about how a recent  government Ministerial appointment in Africa is thoroughly connected to the New Apostolic Reformation Movement, a Dominionist movement that is thoroughly connected to the current rise of Rick Perry and Sarah Palin and host of politicians who use Christianity as means to Political and Economic Power and not as a way of life.

There is a big difference between a Christian Member of Parliament or Congress and a Dominionist Christian Politician. A Christian Member of Parliament is one whose lifestyle is influenced by his Christian faith but does not use his faith as  a political qualification .He is not part of an agenda or army aimed at creating a Theocracy.

A Dominionist  Christian Politician use his faith as a political qualification and smears his opponents on the basis of his faith.He is part of an agenda to create a Theocracy.

Now one should know that when you say that only Christians who speak in tongues make the best politicians , you are basically calling for a Theocracy.

Yet God built a Theocracy first with Moses then with the Kings which failed that is why Jesus came and yet he did not set up a Theocracy because his Theocracy is not of this world .

THIS WORLD MEANS THE WORLD WE ARE IN . So whose Theocracy are these 7 Mountain Climbers or Reclaimers ?  It is not Jesus’ Theocracy but of Man and it has disastrous effects .

Arthur Owiti


Here is a song we did that encourages us to educate ourselves , build ourselves with knowledge from God from his Word and conscious study from all sources available.

Gotta Know ….