Some Texans prayed for Rain , but got Fire instead ..sad indeed .. Remember those who lost their homes and loved ones and help out if you near them , even if it is just one person. Jesus preached to the woman at the well as if he was preaching to thousands of people.Few or many he still taught.Few or many we still love.

These days writing of natural disasters is a passing fad because of their frequency .Nonetheless , whenever they happen they always stoke debate and kind of divide the masses into three :

GROUP 1. God did it………. Evidence …. The Bible

GROUP 2. It is Natural…………Evidence…. Scientific Data and Analysis

GROUP 3. It is man made………Evidence…..Structure  and Agenda of NWO ,HAARP


Now this group of people believe that most natural disasters are man made .They later categorise themselves into sub groups where some believe that it is either :

1. State/ Elite  Arson ..such as HAARP, or CIA , NWO, Jesuits

2.Lone Man Arson … either sent by some rich man , or just a vile person or persons bent to do mischief

3.Accidental Arson.. where one just leaves a fire in the bush and a strong wind just fuels it to the rest of the dry wood.

Being in this group of Man made Theorists is not at all bad but it has some loopholes.

First of all , hard evidence is needed to implicate any person of such a crime .Yet in all their assertions , the hard evidence is just hard to come by so  we end up relying on circumstantial evidence like since HAARP wants to split USA they will cause man made natural disasters to make their dream come true.

They could be right because sometimes the Headquarters of these elite are not affected by the disasters .Yet the Virginia Earthquake put a big hole in this theory because nuclear plants and Washington DC was shaken , the home of the elite !!


This group contains many atheists or  religious people who do not   believe that God is entangled in every tiny matter of this world.

The Religious branch  espouse the view that since God created the earth he already gave his creation DNA and DNA is basically instructions for each living thing .That is why rocks and stones are living things but do not move because their DNA instructions is that they should not move but by the employment of an external force.

Thus Scientific Evidence and not Religious Books , is their solace.

This however poses a threat to atheists because in simple terms they are claiming that Nature is God , yet they believe in no God but believe in natural calamities.

God can be defined as the being that possesses  more power than man.

Now when we see how the Fires are raging one can safely say , before the fireman comes , Nature possesses power more than man.

So they could conclude that Nature only posses more power than man where man cannot handle it but the moment man can contain it , then Nature is subject to man.

So if Nature is not supernatural then why can’t man not predict its destructive patterns in advance  like things such as earthquakes .Or look at the fires in Texas when everyone expected rain and floods due to the storm.

So Group 2 may look safe at times but it their consolation is not as strong as it does not deal with the origin of the event but deals with the consequence of the event.


This belongs to those who are religious and connect God to every aspect or many aspects of life.They want God in school in church , in the White House , Congress , Courts .They want him everywhere .I stand with it because it is assured of the origin and even attempts to give reason which are backed up by scriptures.

Yet this group is subdivided to those who believe that God is doing it because of national sins or personal sins and another group that says God does it not because of sin but because his word has ordained for such things to happen due to the Last Days we live in.

To those who hold the view of judgment of sin however are faced with questions from the other groups which question why San Francisco is still standing and Texas , a state with gazillion of churches is facing drought , fire , storms .Should it not be San Fransisco or Hollywood facing full wrath according to their beliefs?

Yet the other group that believes it is God allowing Nature to go berserk because of the time we are in  the End of the world.

Yet this should not be  total solace because Jesus said that the end will only come when we see the abomination of desolation in Jerusalem.Other than that, yes, calamities will be present showing the sign of the times but IT will not be the end yet.

So there we have it. Which group are you in ? Probably all groups.

Yet we as believers in Jesus know that in all these natural disasters we should thank God when we are kept safe and keep living in righteousness, loving God and our neighbor and ministering to those who need shelter food and clothing when calamity strikes them because one day it may be you and me.

God bless you

Arthur Owiti