In these days of Global Crisis, we need impatient speed to dispel our fears and worries lest we die early, and patient endurance to hold on through the storms that are already blowing

The recent World Athletics in Daegu, South Korea kept me asking many questions at the same time drawing some conclusions about the world we are living in today and how we can cope when we are grounded in Jesus Christ.

First  look at Usain Bolt the fastest man so far in the world.

With Usain Bolt , I found that we love speed. People love speed , especially we of the Technological Revolution.

Technology has made things so fast that we desire that speed to be transmitted to every sector of our lives .

This has led to more harm than good as many people are out running to make money quickly and get political power by all means and in the quickest way possible.

In the transport sector, the developed bullet trains are the norm as people in Africa die more in the roads than armed robberies just because the bus or car was running somewhere to make more money.

In Christianity speed is killing the church through the Prosperity Gospel where people are promised quick riches or speedy from rags to riches story when we give God money and plant seeds.Thus people get into gambling instead of giving out of love for God and the needy .

People have forgotten about patience and the fact that you can still overcome many obstacles in life even when you patiently endure hard situations.

Which brings me to the Kenyan athletes who ran the marathon in the same competition in South Korea .Unlike Usain Bolt’s race which requires terrific speed the marathon race requires consistent speed called patience and endurance .

The Marathon is slow and not fast like the 200 metres Bolt runs. Yet the winner is the fastest of all participants.

In this race, one has to keep focus for a long time and thus time seems to be quite a drag because of the distance ;nonetheless, one has to win and will be given a gold medal just like the winner of the shortest race.

The lessons we draw from that is just like Jesus who endured the race of the cross, we who follow him must also endure that race.

Today, the cross we  bear is hatred from the world for standing for Jesus Christ.Meanwhile the Economic and Political turmoil and Armageddons of the Natural and the Man made kinds  are just too many to make anyone who is not deeply rotted in Christ and the Word to ditch the whole thing.

Yet only the faithful, focused and patient runners win the marathon.

Secondly we learn that in Life there are situations that use impatient speed and others that need patient endurance.It can be sickness , or self development.The issue is not the speediness of the speed but the speed of victory-that is you must overcome and win the race whether 100 metres or20000 metres.

As you will hear and see in the video below , Endurance is necessary because we will win the end . Where there is patient endurance there is hope and we as children of God have a hope that the return of Jesus Christ will overshadow all the things we had to bear in this long and tough marathon called life in a wicked world.

Endure these tribulations we are facing in Jesus Christ , standing on his promises that never fail.He promised to return when the sorrows of this world in the last days will be too much that if they were not shortened no one will be saved.Let us take heart…it is a short affliction.

The video Vumilia /Hold On /Endure

Arthur Owiti