Is it not far amazing that The United Nations New Year begins on September 13 2011 , 2 days after the 10th anniversary of 9/11 that happened in New York , the very time of the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah .Well these 2  New Years , the UN ‘s 66 session beginning on September 12 and the Jewish New Year beginning on September 28 will bring about a New State called Palestine .Mmm…..

FYI 9/11 was not just WORLD WAR THREE(Terrorism is War) was an event that  was both Spiritual and Material.The occult numerology of employing number 11 Tish B Av 9/11 of the Jewish Calendar and making sure it happens during the Jewish New Year is more than coincidence .

The twin towers make up  a number eleven .It happened in New York, the seat of the United Nations hence the capital of the world!!! Hello  !!

Well back to Israel and Palestine, Abbas is of the view that anything can happen at UN since USA has already chosen to veto the move but majority of member states are saying they will support Palestine.

Our view is majority of UN will vote for the New State .Besides it is the UN that brought Israel into official existence in 1948 .What would hinder it from recognizing Palestine ?

What is funny is that China is fully on the side of Palestine .Why is China doing thins when America has said it will veto the move ?

Well China has now acquired brawn to say NO to the USA.There is a Middle East Crisis in the UN Security Council before you think about the crisis in Israel.


China has been very busy in the Middle East .Already documents have proved that China pumped up Gaddafi’s arsenal, Gaddafi who has been an enemy of Israel despite claims of his Jewish ties.

China will make its stamp in Israel more significant by supporting Palestine.This is why they are singing the song “New State” because once that is passed China will build Palestine.

This does not augur well for USA who  wants to have monopoly in the Middle East. Two states will mean two puppeteers and that always breeds war.

China is not concerned about the religious attachment Israel has to the Jewish people and neither is America, though majority of its citizens have a slight view of Israel and God.So the two are at war with each other.

This why the UN Security Council will need a war to realign the table because the Red Dragon of China is roaring against the Eagle USA.And that war will be triggered by this issue of Palestine and Israel and the Jews like World War 2 was based among other things, on the Jews and Israel.

We are entering a very dramatic end of year .Only trust in Jesus and his word


And do not give up

Arthur Owiti


China Supports Palestinian UN Bid

China on Wednesday announced its support for Palestine’s plans to seek full membership in the United Nations next month.

Because Israeli-Palestinian negotiations on the terms of Palestinian statehood have been frozen since 2008, Palestinians have decided to seek UN recognition of an independent “Palestine” in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, the areas Israel captured in the 1967 Six Day War.

Should the bid be successful, Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas claimed the Palestinian Authority would discuss the finer details of a future Palestinian state in talks with the Israeli leadership.

“China has always supported the just cause of Palestinian people. Having its own state is the inalienable right of the Palestinian people co-existing peacefully with Israel,” Chinese Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman Jiang Yu said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Monday that the Palestinian bid for UN recognition would “set back peace, and might set it back for years.”

Washington has also opposed UN recognition of a Palestinian state, calling it a unilateral step in a conflict that should be resolved through negotiation. The U.S. administration has made clear that it would veto any Palestinian request to the Security Council for membership as a state.

But a majority at the General Assembly is expected to support the promotion of the Palestinians to the status of non-voting observer state.

Two senior White House envoys arrived Tuesday for meetings with Israeli and Palestinian leaders in a last-ditch effort to head off the Palestinian bid. They are pressing for a resumption of the peace talks.
Wednesday, 7 September 2011