Bishop Kosgei , while giving evidence at the ICC  asserted that ODM was the source of political violence in Kenya and that had it not been for them there would be no violence. Ha !

We ,as you should know by now , do not stand for any political party or goals other than the politics of justice .Thus ODM and PNU boxing is pointless as long as we know that they are neither angels nor demons but humans thus subject to the law when they commit a crime.

But justice must done to Bishop Kosgei’s utterance .It was LAND INJUSTICE and LAND CLASHES that led to the Post election violence in Rift Valley. It was Elections that led to violence in Nairobi .

It was Land Injustice and Economic Warfare that led to clashes in Mombasa and Elections that led to violence in Nyanza and Western.

This is because when people vote they vote about Land, Jobs and Benefits.Simple.Politics is about material life.

The peaceful referndum held last year was peaceful because  most Kenyans do not protest nor fight without a reason.

Most people did not know what a constitution is nor do they see its importance in their daily lives.But things to do with MPs and representation , many are directly affected by it.

Thus Bishop Kosgei has refused to tell the world the truth about Land Issues and  Economics in Rift Valley, thus we will tell it.

The issue of land in Rift Valley , formerly called the White Highlands by the British Colonialists  because it was colonized by them Whites due to its natural fertility , is just like what is happening in Israel between the Palestinians and Jews.

Since the inception of Multi Party politics there have been land clashes in Rift Valley and forcible transfers. This is because multi party politics became the code word for multi tribal politics ..why ? Under one party system Kenya was easy to govern therefore easy to develop.

Below we show that whenever the major elites in Rift Valley were united against each oter , there have always been clashes.

 Moi  –Kalenjin bloc  v Kibaki  Kikuyu bloc  1992 Kalenjin Bloc v  Kikuyu bloc CLASHES
Moi – Kalenjin bloc  v Kibaki  Kikuyu bloc   1997 Bloc v bloc CLASHES
Kenyatta  v  Kibaki  Split Kikuyu bloc split Kalenjin bloc NO CLASHES
Kibaki v Odinga Kikuyu Bloc v  United Non -Kikuyu Bloc CLASHES
Coming election 2012 Split Kikuyu Bloc, Split Luo Bloc,  Split Kalenjin Bloc MAYBE NO CLASHES if present they will be minor or  inter tribe inter clan due to counties

It is only in 2002 that there were no clashes because the two  major elites were split amongst themselves .The Kikuyu vote was split between Kibaki and Uhuru as Kalenjins were confused whether to vote for their Leader’s successor Uhuru or go against him.

As Bishop Kosgei puts it “We told Ruto to stand with  Uhuru in 2002 “.Yet this was done because the Lord of the Kalenjin , former President Moi had said so .Yet the Kalenjin bloc was split , hence no room for violence like 1992, 1997 when they were united to protect Moi’s presidency.

Of course we do not mean that all people went and voted for their tribe but that is the general flow of things in Kenya.. most people trust their  own.

Thus PEV has been there since 1992 and it has always been issues about land and economic benefits .If it was ODM and PNU, where were they in 1992 and 1997 dear  Bishop Kosgei ?

Yet in 2012 , there will be splits alright but split bloc votes will not lead to peaceful elections but will lead to inter clan, inter tribe conflict. In short Kenya is going to get into the state of mini genocide .

Maybe we may be wrong . The ICC will scare many people into fighting but that does not solve the issue of injustice .You do not scare people into being good ;you discipline them.

The ICC will discipline the Kenyan Elite if it passes sound judgment against State sponsored Genocide and Tribal sponsored Genocide.

Otherwise if it just falls for scaring , 2012 will not have major conflicts but minor conflicts .

Keen observers will see why this is more likely–tribal regions are being split into two, Rift Valley-UDM v KANU, Central – Uhuru/Karua/Kenneth, Nyanza-Tuju/Raila, COast-MRC / Arab Coastarians, Eastern -Ngilu/Mbuvi/Musyoka.

So the NWO plan for “Peaceful elections is -split all the tribes into two.

The crux of the matter is Bishop Kosgei  is hiding the truth from himself and for himself to the detriment of the Kalenjin , Kenyans and the world as a whole.

The truth is Kenya’s politics is sick because it fails to face and deal with the past injustices that will not just haunt Kenya but finish Kenya if not dealt with boldly yet carefully.

All we know is that one day justice will come and people will know how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity in the kingdom of Jesus Christ. Even so , come Lord Jesus, come.

We have a song to crown our prayer found here :

Arthur Owiti


Bishop blames ODM for post-poll violence

Radio presenter Joshua Sang’s second witness Bishop Jackson Kosgei on Wednesday told the International Criminal Court that the violence in Kenya was triggered by calls for mass action by ODM leaders in Nairobi.

The bishop said it was after the announcement of the presidential results that violence started in Nairobi.

He added that it was ODM secretary general, Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o, who called for mass action and people went to the streets and the protest hijacked by looters and other criminals.

“Kenyans conducted high profile peaceful campaigns, presidential results were delayed. There was a misunderstanding between the contenders and the electoral commission. After the announcement, chaos broke out in Nairobi and Kisumu,” said Bishop Kosgei.

The clergyman took the stand at 4pm Kenyan time and was taken through his testimony by lawyer Philemon Koech.

Bishop Kosgei also denied that there was a network that was organising to evict other Kenyans adding the government would have known this.

“Kenya is an independent country with a refined structure of security apparatus and intelligence and with this kind of structure then the question should not arise whether the government would be aware of such planning,” said Bishop Kosgei.

He denied having ever held any meetings to discuss the planning of the violence with any of the three suspects or those who are alleged to have been following their orders.

The bishop told the court that Kenya has had a history of violence related to elections adding the governance of resources was also an issue.

“There are past riots in Kenya… in I969 after Mboya’s death, in 1975 following the death of JM Kariuki, in 1982 over the aborted coup. Clashes after 1992 polls but government has made peace efforts that culminated in a peaceful referendum last year,” said Bishop Kosgei.

Bishop Kosgei said he did not hear any incitement or coded language adding that Mr Sang’s audience is cosmopolitan and he would not use such language.

He added that broadcasting is controlled by the government and any incitement would be identified easily.

He added that various political leaders including presidential candidates other than President Kibaki went for interviews at Kass FM.

He added that the main competition was between ODM and PNU in the general elections.

He said they started applying for the registration of Emo Foundation, of which he is patron, in 2008 and this only happened in 2010.

Emo Foundation was working with government and other foreign states, especially the US, to foster peace in the Rift Valley.

The clergyman said the foundation was a welfare organisation that did not discriminate in its membership.

He added that none of the suspects were members and Mr Sang attended their meetings in his capacity as a journalist.

He also dismissed claims by the prosecution that Emo Foundation did fundraise Sh1.2 billion to sponsor the violence.

Bishop Kosgei said Mr Ruto had been honoured as an elder adding that the Eldoret North MP could not qualify as the “undisputed de facto leader” of their community.

“Kalenjins are not owned by the leaders as their words are not binding since we are a community of consensus. For instance, Mr Ruto was urged to back Uhuru (Kenyatta) in 2002 by us,” said Bishop Kosgei.