FROM KENYA TO RUSSIA TO INDIA TO TANZANIA —-Strange National Disasters Globally in One Week, The week Remembering 9/11 Dead !!

Kenya's Sinai Slum onfire where over 100 died .Occult Numbers again of 9/12/2011 a day after 9/11 anniversary during the Full Moon. Blood Sacrifices for those seeking power.courtesy Nation

This is one of the reasons why Memorials are not good spiritually.This week the Global Media spent a lot of time covering the 9/11 Anniversary from Monday to Monday death has been on the minds of people .The spirit of death was hovering the world.

Memorials are different from Funerals.Funerals are where people mourn and lament and say good things about the dead person.But once the person is buried , it is not right to communicate with them.

Memorials are communications with the dead .You are connecting into the spirit world when you hold a memorial.

This is why in the Bible the word memorial means offering .When you offered a scrifice to God , God would remember it and bless you on the account of your offering that acted as a memorial to him about your love for him.

This is why the sacrifice of Jesus is a memorial eternally because Jesus is alive and reigns eternally.

Now it is illogical to remember and call someone who is dead.This why we call Jesus and God because they are alive .

The word remember comes from the word member which means parts .To re-memeber is to join again.

When you remmeber the dead you are bring them up agin and this is witchcraft.

Remembering 9/11 victims is dangerous because they died with a lot of pain and vengeance against their killers.Calling them is calling death to happen as payment for their blood.


The guys who died in 9/11 do not want to be reminded about 9/11 because they never desired to  die such a death ! Calling them invokes more anger than appeasement.



Now look at the events that happened in the is week of remembering the 9/11 dead ten years after they died:

1.HIgh Court Bombing in India on 7th killing over 10 people

India High Court bombing

2. Russian Airplane leading to the death of famous hockey players of a Russian hockey team

Russain National Disaster ...Hockey Team crashes

3. Tanzanian Ferry capsizes with over 200 dying.


Tanzanian Disaster

4. Kenyan Pipeline Fire that kills over 100 in a slum

Kenyan National Disaster..Sinai Slum burns killing over 100

These are jsut those who died in such disasters not considereing other deaths.

For those who know the old traditions and occult the full moon was the right time to get power and many would achieve this through blood sacrifice which would mean deaths of people through human sacrifices.

Could these deaths that hvae taken place in thsi short week of September be occultic ?

Yes it is probable.There are people all over the world who perform rituals to obtain power.They believe they can obtain power through such means.

This is why we insist 9/11 was an event that was planed as it fit in perfect synchronization with occultic timings.

This is one area one can go deep into study …yet it may be scary and sickening to discover those hidden devices which many powerful people of this world employ.

Arthur Owiti