And Why Mobile Phone Registration is not about security BUT CONTROL AND PROFITS

“ If you tell more than one person a secret it ceases to be a secret”

The so called Mobile Phone Banking failed to pick up in South Africa despite its roaring glory in Kenya .This is just because most South Africans who are concerned about banking and business already have e-accounts through visa cards with their banks .They do not need to go through another bank to get the same services .However in Kenya most people are not in the books of the banks so Safaricom Mpesa draws them in.

This shows you that South Africa is far developed via banking while Kenya is still trailing behind South Africa.

However it is wrong for Kenya to duplicate banking services by offering the services that are already being provided in South Africa  .If you have visa card why must you have a mobile phone that acts like an electronic card ? Greed.

Meanwhile, the so called Mobile Phone Registration is a Trojan Horse claiming security measures when it is actually fueling profits for  mobile phone banking.

When it comes to money ,the only institution that is to have all your details apart from the Government is the bank .

However M-pesa  has created a new chapter in the history of banking privacy that should not be allowed to exist .

How can more than two parties have all your personal details when you have neither of their personal details ? You cannot tell a secret to more than one person because then it will cease to be a secret.

Secrecy is the essence of trust .When you give someone your personal details and you know it has not slipped out it builds trust between you and that person. You know it has not slipped out when nobody talks about it.

But Today’s E- Technology  is killing privacy in the name of security when such technology will never solve crime and insecurity.

Thus when you give the bank the state , the mobile phone company , all your personal details , one of them will be the thief but it will be hard to tell who. But when you give the bank your details if anything happens you can pin point the culprit easily.

The hypocrisy is seen with how Kenya has dealt with the Mobile Phone Registration Decree .If it is true that mobile phone registration enhance security , why is they have not switched off unregistered phones?

It is because if they switch off they will lose profits. This shows you they care more about profits than a security thus any claim of security and aims of curbing crime go down the toilet as Trojan horses.

Technology is not a Savior, it is a system and every system or world has its criminals and saints ,Crimes will still be committed and actually more sophisticated ones.

The Technological Registration is  just the merger of Public and Private Sector –the assurance of full control of the person by the Public(State) and the full assurance of  profits through banking(by the private sector)

Arthur Owiti


M-Pesa fails to live up to VodaCom’s expectation in S.A 18/05/2011

Mobile money platform M-Pesa has failed to live up to Vodacom’s expectations for the product in South Africa (SA), Pieter Uys, the group’s CEO, has admitted.

Vodacom has registered “more than” 100 000 M-Pesa users in SA since its launch in August 2010, but says this has fallen short of its expectations for the product. When it unveiled the product last year, Vodacom said it expected to sign up 10m M-Pesa customers within three years — an ambitious target given that SA has a total unbanked population of 13m.

M-Pesa was pioneered by Safaricom, Vodacom’s sister company in Kenya, and has been launched in a number of African markets. It’s proved a big success in Kenya and Tanzania, where banking infrastructure is poorly developed.

In Tanzania, where the product was launched by Vodacom, M-Pesa has 1.6m active and 7m registered users. By last year, Safaricom had more than 10m M-Pesa users on its books.

“SA is a little different to Kenya and Tanzania,” says Vodacom Group CEO Pieter Uys. “The banking sector here is much more developed.”

He says he is “still a strong believer” that M-Pesa will make a “big difference” in SA, and adds that Vodacom is implementing changes to the product in the hope this will help it gain better traction in the market.

Uys hasn’t said what those changes will entail.

Vodacom launched M-Pesa in partnership with Nedbank. It’s understood it had been keen to get its own banking licence to offer the product but was discouraged from doing so by the Registrar of Banks.