The Kenyan Government is at it again with the President assenting to the Price Control Law.They have put measures to control the prices of “essentials” .This is just a measure doomed to the toilet.Here is why.

By controlling essentials you are certainly helping the poor but the middle class get a serious pinch because they have more things they consider as essentials .

For example  maize meal is an essential , but they should also control the price of Electricity because electricity is an essential product especially in Middle Class setting…but no , they will not.

Electricity helps in charging mobile phones , computers, lights .It is an essential good .

IN fact if they would reduce the cost of electricity from profit/private levels to government levels (public levels) Electronic firms will do great business and Kenya will be Technologically advanced hence improve the Economy.

However they are just considering maize flour, bread and sugar because the poor are very ready to revolt  ; the middle class just talks.

The poor, majority of them vote .Some of the Middle Class work in the political economic machinery and thus know the evils present thus avoid voting knowing their vote has never counted

So in the end the Elite win votes from the working poor as the middle class pays for its inaction.

The Poor actually hold the Elite ‘s Powers .This is why Africa is filled with slums in urban centers .

Slum dwellers are of political value while the middle class are of economic value to the elite.

Hence the politicians would rather keep the slum poor for the sake of getting votes than economically empower the people as economic independence gives room for free thinking.

Try starting a project to empower the poor in your area and see who will be trailing you day and night .Even if you tell them you are just helping out , they will smell that you are a political competitor .

That is why I prefer adopt a person charity where you build up one poor person at atime .Like in two years you would have helped 4 poor family for 6 months to be economically empowered.En Masse projects are qucikly hijacked by political and religious ambitions for power.

Anyway that is why teh Price Control Bill is just a rotten sweet wrapped with glittering wrappings to the poor not to revolt . But by ignoring the Middle Class , the Government will face a different kind of revolt from them -not just a violent revolt but a peaceful revolt.

You cannot please everyone at the same time.

Arthur Owiti