UPDATEDDid you know the flag of Great Britain is called the Union Jack.Jack was the name for  maritime flag but it is also the other name for James which we  have shared below is a codename for Israel because Jacob (Greek equivalent James) was called Israel by God.

Thus  according to the peers of King James , the union Jack is the union of Israel which they believed was planted in Scotland, Ireland and  England

The colors of Great Britain endow the flags of 6 nations .As we have studied, these colors are actually Roman Catholic Saints flags.It is interesting how this has led them to be the most powerful force , with one agenda but looking divided fooling the whole world.

THE RED , THE BLUE  AND THE WHITE and King James /King Israel

As we have shared how the British Flag came to being that it was actually a creation by King James of England , who was Scottish but when he ruled England decided to create Great Britain .

This was symbolized by combining the crosses of the two countries and later Ireland. This is how Great Britain was born.

They combined George’s Red Cross, Andrew’s White X cross with blue background and Patrick’s Red cross (though Ireland disputes this.

King James name means Jacob in Hebrew(its equivalent is Jacques in French, Yaakov in Russian and Jack is colloquial English)  and we know Jacob was the father of the 12 tribes of Israel. Remember at King James time Scotland knew that they were Israel and so did England that is why they fought each other over who is Israel.

King James solved this identity crisis by joining the two to become one.

Now what is more interesting is that France , Russia and America and New Zealand and Australia took these colors that endow the flag of Great Britain . Could it mean that they are saying indirectly that countries with those colors are an extension of Great Britain ?

It could be because all these nations got these colours after so called Revolutions or independence wars.

America got the colors… after the revolution hence independence

France got the colors…  after the revolution hence independence

Australia got the colors ..independent but under Britain’s rule through the Queen.

New Zealand got the colors…independent but under Britain’s rule through the Queen.

Russia  got the colors … revolution that finished the USSR , hence independence

Russia 's Flag..George's red and Andrew's blue and white

Great Britain--

USA FLag with George's red and Andrew's blue and white.Infact the stripes are an exact copy of the British East india company flag

France got George's Red and Andrew's blue and white after her revoultion just like America...interesting

The Union Jack on New Zealand's flag shows it is still British Property

The Union Jack at the top left corner is proof Australia is British property

In fact never forget that St George , the Catholic Saint is the Patron of Russia and Britain at the same time.Yet thses two nations appear to us as enemies when in secret they are working together.

Look at the flags of Russia and Britain same colors and they also share the same patron saint St George ...St George is sure mighty rich and powerful

Now that could be a connection that these countries are part of Great Britain which king James and Queen Elizabeth I called Israel.

Arthur Owiti