The ICC proceedings are intriguing with revelations that Kenyan taxes were used to murder fellow Kenyans as Uhuru Kenyatta is accused of paying millions to MPs and Gen Maj Ali taking orders from the Head of the Civil Service.

What this shows is that the President at the time refused to use his powers to stop the violence .He had all the resources in his hand but rather let his junior s to conduct State sponsored terrorism.

The case is taking an interesting twist with the Prosecution presenting mostly evidence backed by the National Intelligence Service, the NSIS . The NSIS has revealed how it forewarned of Mungiki attacks , Mungiki which has been linked to Uhuru Kenyyatta and Mr Michuki and other Mps from Central Province.

ICC Prosecution is revealing how TaxPayers and Public Resources were used to cause the deaths of many

Meanwhile the Defence has employed more videos than State documents because that would be suicidal as the NSIS being a government body, played its part by forewarning the government which ignored or actually knew what was going to happen…very sad indeed.

The Defence though wise in using videos failed when it played a video of Maina Njenga the former leader of Mungiki saying how Mungiki supported ODM and Raila Odinga.

However the court clevelry asked the date of the video and it was found to be a video off 2009 .This is prudent because as soon as the violence ended in 2008, Mungiki was systematically destroyed-they killed top leaders whom they suspected would spill the beans  and Maina got “saved and became a pastor  and an ardent supporter of ODM party of Odinga…talk about  sly cover up.

So we earnestly wait and listen so that we can also make judgment of the affairs that happened in Kenya.

Yet this not as easy as many though it would be as strangely during the day whenever the proceedings are on ,Electricity has been going and off erratically .Perhaps they do not want people to hear all the evidence and facts at hand.

Whether they switch it off the whole month , Kenyans want to know the truth.Courts are temples of finding truth.

Truth is costly.Just the month of September has exposed sacrificial deaths taking place in many instances, which are just being called accidents .In fact the death of the President’s lawyer Ngunjiri is really signs that things are not well in Kenya.

So with that we can deduce that during the Post Election Violence Kenya was lawless , the President , the Police misused power by not acting to stop the Mps who think they own Kenya as their own private property thus see other people as trash.

Justice must be seen to be done switching off electricity will not help heal the country but will stick Kenya on the stove of destruction.

Arthur Owiti