Why  the Kenyan Elite are at The Mercy of Tribal  Sentiments

People power is real . The ICC proceedings have revealed the strong link between the government elite and the outlawed Mungiki which was outlawed by the same government.Some people think it is illogical for the government elite to support a group they have outlawed—not so.
The Colonial Government gave Jomo Kenyatta put him on the pedestal of Kenyan leadership despite arresting him some years back for allegedly being part of Mau Mau.

The problem of these militant outfits is that they are above the law because they are subject to the law of the Community.Outfits derive their power from  the community; it is closer to real people power.
As we have stated, the Governments in Africa have shot themselves in the foot when they say that they recognize customary law  only to the pint where the customs do not infringe natural justice .
Yet when you recognize customary Law you are recoginising Customary Sovereign.
Now when the Mau Mau fought against the Colonial Government they did not think nor belive that they were breaking the alw.In fact according to them, the Colonial Government was a criminal authority and breaking and attacking the Kikuyu Sovereign and Customs.

Mau Mau consolidated its grip in Kikuyuland because the people were being oppressed economically and hence politically.They thus prepared a miltant outfit to deal with the Colonial Government.
The most important thing the Mau Mau did was to make oaths .Oath taking is very central in the religious life of many African tribes to the extnet that secrtes cannot be known just because of the oath.

In comes Mungiki that employs the same structure of Mau Mau and the same grievances.

Mungiki started out as religious outfit just like the Mau Mau was. They rejected all forms of Western Christianity as they connected it to Western Colonialism.
Now the Government at that time could not deal with Mungiki just yet not knowing that religion is the glue that cements the joints of every political setting.
With great speed Mungiki captured thousands of youth which was a threat to the Kikuyu Elite ‘s grip on the youth.Thus the elite had tojoin and surreender to the religion by taking oaths and then tried to steal authority of the group by paying large sums of money and aiding Mungiki to become a economic outfit then a political outfit.

At the ICC procceedings, it is evident that Uhuru Kenyatta , Mr Francis Muthaura used this outfit.The outfit was useful for the protection of Elitist power.
Moreover the evidence of the prosecution reveals that as soon as the Post Election violence was over the following  took place :
1.    Some Top Mungiki leaders  were killed
2.    The remainging Mungiki Top Brass were arrested and then afterward resleased only to decalre that they have disbanded Mungiki after “receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour”
3.    Maina Njenga starts warming up to Raila Odinga probably to wipe out the belief that Mungiki was an outfit against Non Kikuyus
4.    Maina Njega campaigns for ODM during the referendum and Bishop Margaret Wanjiru’s reelection bid.
All these changes happened when they realized that Kenya was going to the ICC.
It is logical to disband Mungiki and get saved when you know court bells are going to ring soon if you are guilty .
Why we say this is because Tribal Militant Outfits always have Tribal Interests , hence the fact that Mungiki were used to kill non- Kikuyu.
Even right now the ICC proceeding is viewed as a persecution and not a quest for justice .That is just the nature of all court proccedings in the adversarial
Some may think that Mungiki will die forgetting that Mungiki was just a revival of Mau Mau which is never considered a criminal oufir.If that is the case then history will just repeat itself over and over again.


Arthur Owiti