Mungiki is hot on the lips of many people even as they have are being protested against in Nakuru for controlling the Matatu industry.What we want to show here is that Mungiki became so powerful the moment it got married to politicians in Central Kenya.

A Keen Look at the relationship of Mungiki and the Political Elite and one sees a relationship  between a greedy mistress and a clever married man.

The mistress  flatters the married man but deep down her heart , wants  his money. The married man falls into the trap but knows that if some gets to know the truth he will kill the mistress.

Mungiki the Mistress got attention by blackmailing Politicians to join or face death by beheading.Mungiki may not be the Kenyan army but they are more fearless than Kenya’s security apparatus combined .Boldness not guns and training , is what make an army successful.

People are dreaming that politicians will come out and confess.Mungiki Oath is considered so holy in Kikuyu Religion , that breaking it is perceived as an abomination against Ngai or Thai( God of the Kikuyu).

If you want a successful army, enshrine oath taking.The secret will be sealed even when rumours circulate .No amount of torture or murder can undo the secret membership.

In fact the irony about Mungiki is that they attack mostly Kikuyus but when elections come most of them vote the same pattern .So Culture plays a big role in the survival of Mungiki .


During the PEV and also before it is interesting to note that Mungiki had its hands all over the underground life of Nairobi and Central Province.

In fact Mungiki was an Underground Police outfit for as long as the Elite were gaining from their protection rackets , they were untouchable.

Yet you find the Police wnet out and killed hundreds of Kikuyu youth.Those youth were innocent scapegoats , it is like cutting your finger nails instead of cutting your head.

The Police knew the head of mungiki were their bosses so just kill the fingernails , people who are young unemployed and idling and cheat people that the Police is working hard in dealing with Mungiki.


1.Ministry of Transport — extortion of matatus and recently taxis.Remember how taxi drivers last year were beheaded, that was Mungiki in action.

2.Ministry of Internal Security—- the local police protect them and they know the inside out of police.Again last year Mungiki stole police uniform to commit a beheading


3.Ministry of Finance—– the collections the make from extortion of matatu drivers and taxi drivers go back to the banks of the Kenyan Elite.

4.Ministry of Trade —- just a double ministry of Finance

5.Ministry of Local Government—– like town councils the Mungiki were collecting rates and taxes through extortion …such could not go out of the radar of this ministry.


The Elite love any free money coming to them no matter where it is from.

So study from 2002 up to date the public servants and Ministers who were holding the above portfolios and you will notice some of the Elite  connected to Mungiki filled these positions.Then you will know it is an adulterous affair.

Arthur Owiti




Kenya: Nakuru Matatu Operators Hold Protests Over Mungiki Harassment

Moraa Obiria

29 September 2011

Matatu operators plying Nakuru-Free Area road yesterday went on strike over claims of harassment and assault by members of the outlawed Mungiki sect. They protested over the laxity of the administration to deal with the situation which led to the injury of one man suspected to be a member. The matatu operators who parked their vehicles at the Free Area main bus station claim they have been under constant threats from the group.

They said the members hide in makeshift holdings within the bus station and demand Sh100 for protection and security. If a person doesn’t pay they are taken away and beaten and left to die. “Juzi tulikuwa na mkutano na nyinyi na chief alikuwa lakini hamkushughulikia shida zetu. Ndio tumeamua leo kugoma ndio mtusaidie( Some time ago we had a meeting with you and the chief attended too. We tendered our grievances but you did not solve them.That is why we have decided to strike so that you can deal with them),” said James Wanyeki,a matatu of the Free Are Travellers Sacco.

Area DO Pamela Kiama could not calm the angry crowd who demanded the search and arrest of members from their hideout in the area. Kiama ordered the burning of the holdings and one man who was recognised by the operators as a Mungiki members was stoned by the crowd when he resisted the destruction.

Kiama vowed to clear away the members from the area and demanded that all the operators in that route to have identification badges. “We are not going to allow anyone harass you here. We will ambush all their hideouts and arrest them. But you should not take the law into your hands and attempt too kill them,” the DO said. Together with the over 40 drivers and conductors, they marched to Karatina estate where they claimed to be hideout of the sect. By the time this article was published nobody had been arrested.