In Law , a hostile witness is one who gives evidence that injures the party who calls him rather than aids him.Much as Lewis Nguyai is a Lawyer, his openness about his meetings with Mungiki an outlawed group nailed Uhuru Kenyatta .

Nguyai was actually supposed to be the sacrificial lamb of Uhuru Kenyatta by showing how Uhuru was a peacemaker .However he ende up cooking Uhuru as a tender lamb instead .Here is how.

1. Nguyai claimed that Mungiki met with him several times during 2007-2008 , yet this is when the PEV was simmering.

2.He met them in plush hotels like Jacaranda Hotel which is owned by mighty Njenga Karume..how can people assume Mungiki was just some bastard group yet they had audiences with lawmakers…birds of the same feather flock together.

3.Nguyai clearly said Mungiki wanted money .This is juts proof that the Elite helped Mungiki out because you do not ask for help from someone who know will refuse to give it.

4.Nguyai ‘s confession of Mungiki Blackmail reveals that most Kikuyu MPs do the bidding of Mungiki out of fear of dying.

Though we are not the Icc judges we are grateful to have heard Nguyai’s testimony because it proved that MPS are in bed with Outlaws like Mungiki and for other MPS they are in bed with other gangs and drug lords….it is a knights of the round table thing.

The word “outlawed did not even ring in his head when he had meetings with Mungiki ?? Impunity at its best.

Well do not be fooled , the Rich Elite especially in Central Kenya are tied to Mungiki “kama chanda na pete (like finger and ring) .These guys are protecting each other the same way the Law does not allow spouses to testify against each other to protect their marriage.

To cement this marriage below is a table of Ministries which were running before and after PEV and a keen look at the table shows you that the ministries were based in Central Kenya the home of Mungiki and that Mungiki terrorized the sectors of these ministries such as transport and security by using government guns during PEV.

Year Ministry of Defence Ministry of Internal Security Ministry of Finance Ministry of Transport
2003 Did not exist Chris Murungaru2003 David Mwiraria 2003-2006 John Michuki
2005/6 Njenga Karume2006- 2007 John Michuki2006-2007 Amos Kimunya-2006-2008 Chris Murungaru 2005-2007
2008 to date Yusuf Haji George Saitoti-2008 Uhuru Kenyatta Amos Kimunya

This is why we agree with the following writing from Mr Blomfield  that the Mungiki strangle hold on Central Kenya MPs is no different to Mau Mau’s stranglehold on Jomo Kenyatta and the infamous River Chania Oath stranglehold on Kikuyu Christians in Tukutendereza movement in the 1960s.


Many Kenyans who are staunch anti-imperialists may not want to hear a Briton castigate Kenya however I would encourage all to hear truth even though you may not like the messenger .

For when someone says fire and there is fire people will think of getting out.It would be insane to refuse to get out because of “who said fire “.

Blomfield in short is saying that unless the idea that the independence of Kenya was Kikuyu made is not redefined Kenya will head to the dogs.

He is 100% right because till today many know Mau Mau was not an illegal outfit yet Mungiki is an exact copy of Mau Mau.In fact the dreadlocks that have disappeared have helped Mungiki go underground as many young smartly dressed men are in Mungiki.

For your information Hussein Ali and his witnesses , Mungiki members are not just the unemployed .They include the employed and stinking rich.We state this as today’s witnesses and Mr Ali’s defence denigrated Mungiki to a club of hooligans yet it is an organized Mafia system owned  and financed by the rich elite.

Nonetheless Blomfiled is suggests something I suggest too : Central Kenya should just delink itself from the Mau Mau foundation not historically but systemically.Without that ,the belief that the Power only belongs to those below River Chania will divide Kenya at eery election.

It is the same Mau Mau Ideology that divided the Anglican Church in the 1960s and Tukutendereza in Kenya where born again Kikuyu men were killed or ostracized for refusing to take the oath that affirmed the Kikuyu Right to the Presidency.

You see you can walk with your friend in the first three years or so but when election of presidents is ethnically divided your friend becomes your enemy if you choose to vote with ethnicity in mind .You may not vote that way but the majority do and will always do because that is the natural thing to do.

Let no one deceive you that that “Divine Right to Rule ” is not the blood stream of Mungiki ..it is and it will destroy Kenya if Kenya refuses to deal with it. Wait and see.

Arthur Owiti


Blomfield’s article

Why tribal rivalry will always boil over at every election time

Posted  Saturday, October 1  2011 at  17:08

At the risk of testing the patience of many of your readers, I feel I must respond to Mr Murithi Mutiga’s challenge in your last publication.

He side steps the issue of his accidental or deliberate misrepresentation of the BBC programme which had inadvertently shown footage of Indians rallying in support of an anti-graft crusader, rather than Libyans celebrating a taste of freedom in Tripoli.

Instead he attacks me for words he thinks I wrote.

However, I am grateful to him for drawing my attention to an article written by senior counsel Paul Muite in an earlier edition.

Being out of the country at the time, I was unable to read it when it appeared.

I have now been able to acquire a back copy, but have to state the article contained no surprises.

According to Muite, our whole national well-being depends on believing that a splinter group of the Kikuyu tribe were nationalists fighting for the good of all Kenyans against wicked colonials who raped and plundered this beautiful country.

Why we repeatedly have ethnic cleansing every time we have an election remains something of a mystery – except to those of us who prefer truth to propaganda.

Mr Muite believes I represent a tiny minority in my views of the Mau Mau in particular, and colonisation in general. He may well have many friends of my “nationality” who do not share my views with him.

Mr Muite gives himself away in his last paragraph. The friends of my nationality with whom he mixes may well be out here “to enjoy Kenya’s wonderful weather”, but we are not all hedonists, Mr Muite.

As you rightly surmise, I stay here to impart some Christian truth into the impressionable minds of the young.

The boys and girls who have passed through my school have learned to be grateful for the all-too-brief colonial period – a period that gave both Mr Muite and Mr Mutiga a quality of life they would not otherwise have enjoyed.

Mr Muite may like to know that among my friends I can number not a few of his “nationality”, who deplore the vicious tactics of the Mau Mau and their successors the Mungiki sect, and regard them both as an aberration.

As we often say “only in Kenya” can concern for human rights be so very selective.

Those who really care for the future of this country rather than the next election, and have an admiration for the Kikuyu tribe, know that in the interest of true nationalism, the Kikuyu must do the unthinkable — denounce the Mau Mau for the divisive influence it was, and stop posing as the country’s liberators with a divine right to the presidency.

Unless such a brave step is taken, tribal rivalry will always boil over at election time.

R.A. Massie-Blomfield, Nairobi
Two kidnappings and a murder have filled Lamu at the Kenyan Coast and the Kenyan security apparatus is ” taking action”.
Questions linger :
1.Does Kenya have a Navy ?
2. Does Kenya have an army that can patrol the whole border line with Somalia ?
3.Why are most army barracks built around the President’s residential places and not at the border posts ?
4. Why Over rely on the Kenya Police ?
5.Why not put the army in places like North Eastern ? Are not soldiers to endure hardships ?They can also be useful manpower to build irrigation schemes in that arid part of Kenya if there is no war to fight.
If Al shabaab can just kidnap people with such ease then the so called Anti Terrrorism Apparatus is hogwash and a waste of money.
The Government spends millions on defence and those millions go to the drain with Western Media lambasting and downgrading Kenya’s security thus hurting the economy that gains from Tourism.
Meanwhile there are more money scandals , sleazy contracts and absurd salary increment taking place in the Defence Arena than protection of the citizenry.The Defence only defends the elite , the 10% and forget about the 90%.
Just as we keep on saying :it is not about security , it is about the money.
Arthur Owiti