People waited for the day and it finally came.Libya may not recover in near the future due to the raging war but the death of Gaddafi is too historic not to be a considered as a victory by his enemies.Gaddafi was killed in his hometown.

This is a victory not just for Libyans that suffered his tyrannical rule , despite the infrastructure Gaddafi built like turning a desert into a greenhouse and raking in the millions from oil.

This is a victory for France and England and Western Europe ‘s Elite that needed Gaddafi out  of the way to advance their interests.

This is a victory of President Obama whose foreign policy is more swift when it comes to capturing tyrants like Osama, Gaddafi and who  knows they may get Joseph Kony .

Yet how can we celebrate when democracy is made by NATO guns ?

Western Imperialism carries the day but so do Libyans that were tired of Gaddafi.


TO GRASS ... picture courtesy getty images

by Arthur Owiti