War is terrorism because the same consequences of War are the same consequences of Terrorism…death , destruction and casualties.Therefore it is funny to say that we are fighting terrorists when the same actions you are using to deal with are terrorist in nature.

When people join the army they are on a mission to die.It is actually voluntary suicide or to put it lightly , martyrdom for the country and not religion.

It is unbelievable how Religion and Politics is enough to inspire one to diue for their faith or country , but it is real.

The Al Shaabab employ Islam as the Kenyan forces employ their of Christianity even though there are Muslims in the Kenyan army.

This is why Kenya better be prepared for a tough war with causalities because  Al Shabaab may look small but could be a large threat to East Africa.

In short we are saying that there is no war against terrrorism because terrorism is war.

What is happening all over the world is that there is a war between Western Ideals and Islamic ideals .Or more precisely , Moderate Abrahamic Religions versus Radical Abrahamic Religions.


Arthur Owiti