It has been reported that the Syrian Army is divided.This was coming and this spells doom and gloom not juts in Syria but in the Middle East.

The last straw on the camel’s back in any State is the Military and guns. Once there is dissent therein there is serious trouble.The country is in a state of emergency, if not civil war.


This is because though the Military is not in control of finance of the State , it has the guns that bring down those who hold the finance.They have the means to destroy life much faster than the  banks.


So serious is dissent in the Military that heavy penalties including Death penalties are imposed on those who achieve such a fete.

Assad has no options left neither does the Arab league . Syria is not only a Failed State but heading down the road of an Extinct State .


The Bible expressly prophesies that Damascus will be a ruinous heap.That prophecy will arise as Israel has the opportunity to attack weak Syria whose army is divide.

THE GOG MAGOG WAR OF THE LAST DAYS IS ACCELERATING AND THE BUILD UP IN SYRIA IS BEING IGNORED AT THE WORLD ‘S OWN PERIL !!! Pray for the people of Syria but know these are tough times that speel World War 3. It is already World War 3. Wait and see.


Arthur Owiti



Explosions, gunfire rock Syrian capital

(CNN) — Explosions and gunfire rocked the Syrian capital early Thursday, an opposition group said, hours after military defectors struck a government intelligence complex in a bold assault reflecting surging resolve.

The blasts come as international leaders intensify their pressure on President Bashar al-Assad to end violence against protesters in the uprising the United Nations says has killed 3,500 people.

The defector group Free Syrian Army said it attacked an air intelligence base in Harasta and planted “powerful explosions inside and around the compound that shook its foundations.”

Air intelligence has been deeply involved in the eight-month crackdown by the Syrian government against protesters, said Andrew Tabler, an expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

The strike reflects the growing sophistication of the Free Syrian Army, according to Tabler.

“It opens up a new era of the conflict,” he said, adding that the development represents “a bad direction” for the country. “Until now, most of the protests have been peaceful.”

The defector group said it attacked several areas in Damascus to foil future government attacks against civilians.

Activists said the deserter army used rocket-propelled grenades to damage the intelligence complex in the eastern suburb of the capital, Damascus.

Opposition groups have urged the United Nations to impose a no-fly zone, as it did in the Libyan conflict, to help protect protesters.

Army leaders have said the measure would allow them to establish a base of operations to launch a campaign to bring down al-Assad’s regime.

The Arab League, meeting in Rabat, Morocco, said al-Assad didn’t stick by his pledge to withdraw armed forces from populated areas and allow journalists and monitors unfettered access.

A senior league official said the group gave Damascus three days to implement a protocol to allow observes to enter the nation and verify whether Syria has taken measures to protect civilians.

The league has also called on member states to withdraw their ambassadors from Damascus, a decision that will be up to each nation.

In a sign of growing international isolation, France withdrew its ambassador Wednesday after attacks on its missions in the nation.

As the standoff rages on, at least 22 civilians were killed Wednesday, according to the Local Coordination Committee of Syria, a coalition of activists.

CNN is not able to independently verify claims of fighting and casualties because the Syrian government has restricted international media access to the country.