President Obama’s trip to the East has really jogged up a  lot of questions about the Eastern World. Never in the history of mankind as the Asian world been so significant to the West that summits parallel to the UN  and G8 are being held in Asia, a region that was colonized by the British and others just a few fifty years ago.We have got questions.

The reason why we have questions is that in the 1970s , many African countires were ahead of countries like Malaysia, Singapore but all of a sudden these countries are even giving aid to Africa, yet both regions were properties of the British Empire.

Yet when you look athe culture of the two regions, Africa has borrowed so much m from Western Culture compared to the East that is mainly Islamic and Hindu and Non  CHristian.

Would it not be logical for Africa to be ahead since it is more Western in form and governance and religion for  the West is seen as the epitome of success worldwide .

It is odd that a Communist  Islamic-Sino-Hindu Region is rising to lead its Western Christian Capitalist  colonialists , in fact using Capitalism mixed with Communism.

Well , the Western world is in for it because its culture has died. The Western Culture is built on Christendom of Christian Empire but it is really hilarious to note  that Non- Christian regions are using Western  Christendom’s system to conquer the Western Christendom in the West and Africa.

Just my thoughts.

Arthur Owiti