Dominionist/False Political Christian Project SEE'S vengeful reproving of sin- GEN 9:6 verse is in Swahili


Arthur Owiti
When one turns to Christian Media, a lot is said about the vanities of the earth, such as riches and politics.Little is mentioned about whole truth as half truths litter the airwaves and blogosphere.What all should know is that these half truths exude nothing but love for this world which is hatred of God and fellow man in the end.

The Word of God is clear that love of the world or being a friend of this world is enmity with God Yet we are perfected by the love of God when we die or are separated from the world yet in the world.

The World includes the things it has to offer such as money, riches, possessions, positions, fame and many other man made trappings .

It is not that we are not to have these things ands share with others nor is work an evil thing. It is that pursuit of these things can blind and destroy one’s walk and relationship with God. You cannot serve both God and Money.

Sadly this what most modern false gospels are saying_ that you can serve both God and the world at the same time. This is impossible because you will definitely hate one and love the other. When you love the world the Love of God is not in you and what remains is hatred for God and then hate for your neighbor.

This one gospel pumps one up to desire the riches of this fading world.”Get the best for your life now !”-the dream car, promotion, dream houses.Yet the audience or congregation that is hearing such sweet things has more than enough of those worldly possessions.

No contentement but greed enhanced among people who are supposed to be content and sharing with those in need around them.

This gospel spreads hate for God as one seeks the things of this world instead of seeking God in truth. Yet we love God by keeping his word and his commandments are summed in love for Him and love for our neighbor. Prosperity seekers end up ignoring God’s word to listen to smooth words of sweet liars.
The love of the things of this world breeds selfishness and jealousy. All you think about is me , myself and I;My stomach, my hair, my next car, my second house, my looks. This subtly creates the hate for fellow man ,how ? well it is all about you and only you not about your fellow’s house yet he is homeless or his stomach yet he has no food to eat being a casual laborer.

Anyone that hinders your attainment of the things of this world is marked as and enemy. Envy, jealousy, bitterness(all works of the flesh ) arise because one is exalted in pride in pursuit of their best life in this world.

No wonder Christian book sores in Africa are sadly filled with books that are vengeful and filled with cursing of enemies in the name of protecting your wealth or removing the obstacles that hinder your breakthrough. Yet Jesus Christ the Lord of Lords commands us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute you.

DOMINIONISM OR POLITICAL GOSPEL- using Christian Morality and Laws to change People.

This false gospel that Christians need to take over government and make Christian laws and constitutions reeks with hatred for God and man.

It sanctifies false evil unions of church and state(through registration of churches ), church and bank, church and company ,church and scientist in the name of cleaning up the world for Christ. Yet these bodies are antichrist and not interested in the things of God. Yet God has given us everything we need to live for Him. How come these political Christians feel that we as Christians do not have enough.

This is idolatry , spiritual fornication that is also an abomination in the sight of God. This act of seeking other masters and lovers in the name of redemption is nothing but loving the politics of this world and money therein.

Moreover the hatred for man rises out from this gospel through the ’holier than thou attitude “ or Pharisee hypocrisy that is exhibited in the so called Christian laws and legislations that condemn prostitutes, homosexuals and abortionists amongst others.

Yes these are sins and abominations but also the accusers of these sins are not to preach hatred but repentance.Yes we are to expose evil and reprove the works of darkness but not with the aim of vengenace and in the name of making our countries Christian by force.

These Political Christians like Project See believe that laws are what makes holy or right before God.God is concerned about repentance and not laws especially when a country has declared itself secular.

How many times do we hear about the so called Dominionists shooting abortion doctors and some Christians leaders justify it. How about those who justify Guantanamo Bay yet it is well known that many do not know the charges held against them ? That is injustice, to imprison someone who has not commited a crime.This is injustice was endorsed by a “born again President” President Bush who also disallows abortion.If you do not abort but you injustly punish an innocent person you are also a transgressor.

Yes we are to rebuke one another with te word of God when one is in error of God’s word.However we are not to use the word of God as the basis to make the laws of a secular state.That means the Church becomes the head of government which is evil since Jesus kingdom is not of this world yet he is the head of the church.

In stead of preaching the truth in love and the gospel of repentance, it is hateful threats and calls for war that emanates out of the so called Political Christians or Redeemers of Society.

What Jesus said is to be our final authority. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only message of the church today to a dying world.

Constitutions and the laws of Men and University rules are not the word of God and therefore cannot change men and women even though they give as human order.This is why we have strict laws against theft and peole are still stealing and robbing.We have laws against abortion and ladies are still aborting.
So what is wrong is it the law or the people? And if it is the people how can you help them change ? Preach the word of God, the gospel of Jesus in truth and deed.That is the only word that can change a person.Christians ought to know better.

Yet Jesus said that where your heart is there lies your treasure. You cannot have your heart with God in heaven if it is focused on the best life now in this world with all the fading treasures of today ‘s world.

Those sugar coated TBN messages are messages are just love for this world’s politics and money .Hence if you hold such gospels and teachings you are inenmity with God because God is righteous and cannot hold the unrighteous things of this world which lies in the hand so of the wicked one.

Yet LOVE involves telling someone the truth.The truth is that there is a lot of immorality in Kneya and the world and Jesus said it would be and that it would increase in the last days .We cannot stop what has to be fulfilled.

This is not a call to fatalism but a call to understand the times and walk in the will of God. Using politics to exalt Jesus, using legislations to show that we are good Christians is not the way to go .

.Have we preached the gospel to these people we call “sinners”? And if they have rejected the gospel message we have nopower to shoot them down or wish them awya from the world.We also need to respect their choice.God will judge all.Forcing holiness through man made laws is hypocritical.

It is idolatry of politics or Law (also an abomination like homosexuality) because Christians are depending on Laws instead of Jesus Christ to bring salvation.

Why should corupt polticians be applauded when they support anti abortion laws and anti-homosexual laws yet they have more than two wives, they have concubines, they sleep with university girls.Yet Christians want to use the same politicans to do what they want instead of alos calling the politicans who support them to repentance.

Politics did not die on the cross neither did money thus you cannot use those tools to change man.Preach Jesus and Repenatnce of sins that is what changes a man and if a man refuses leave gthem in the hands of the Lord .It is not for us to change man but man to allow God to sanctify him.We shall all be judged at the judgment seat of Christ every man for his deeds.

Arthur Owiti